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Aimy's Story

The world is consumed with a new virus, but thank you for remembering the ancient illness that still threatens the world's most vulnerable people.

Aimy is a young girl from Papua New Guinea. She lives in a settlement near PNG's capital, Port Moresby. Such poverty there, but Aimy's family has the richness of knowing Jesus. In the midst of her need, Aimy has such a joyful heart.

Aimy loves to play hockey! All she has is a twig and a disk cut from an old jandal, but she was like lightning. A little champion, holding her own against much bigger friends. 


So full of joy... and yet she had leprosy. 

For Aimy, the first sign of the disease was a patch that appeared on her leg.

She will always have that telltale patch of numb skin, but what a blessing that through the support from people like you, her patch is confined to that one area.

In the current worldwide Covid-19 pandemic, we are all much more aware of the importance of health and wellbeing. Aimy's family is so grateful that at the first sign of leprosy, she was immediately able to start taking the tablets that cure the disease.

"Mummy, I want to take my tablets," are Aimy's first words she speaks when she wakes up in the morning. This little girl has been so committed to being cured. 

They saw the patch stop and grow no further. Because of you, Aimy has been cured! 

When fear for her little girl turned to joy at her healing, Aimy's mother Rose wanted to do something to express their thanks. She became a Leprosy Mission Village Health Volunteer. 

Funded by people in New Zealand, respected volunteers like Rose are trained to help people recognise the first signs of leprosy and get the medication. (People in great poverty often cannot afford to take time from work and take a bus to a clinic to get medication.) 

Village Health Volunteers in PNG can tell people about leprosy and its cure before hands and feet become clawed and damaged forever, and make sure no one like Aimy is missing out on the cure. 

This great work among our leprosy-threatened Pacific neighbours would be impossible without help like yours.

Thank you from Aimy and her family in Papua New Guinea!

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Papua New Guinea

  • Sustainable Livelihoods Development Project

    Sustainable Livelihoods Development Project

    This project is built on the success of our previous projects in Papua New Guinea, and aims to reduce leprosy burden by focusing in two main areas – health and livelihoods.
  • Early detection work miracles

    Early detection works miracles

    Praise the Lord! Because of early detection, Lavu has not developed any disability or noticeable problems.
  • Gouwo's smile says it all

    Gouwo's smile says it all

    Guowo's life is transformed thanks to incredible supporters like you! She wants to be an example to other leprosy affected people in her community.