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$1 becomes $4 for children in Bougainville like Philomon and Philomena!

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$1 becomes $4 for children in Bougainville like Philomon and Philomena!

9 year old twins Philomon and Philomena live in a leprosy hotspot area. 

Your gift today will be effectively multiplied 4x.

Offer a gift of hope today, we can make these terrible leprosy hotspots disappear – forever. Children like Philomon and Philomena can enjoy a brighter future, free from leprosy. Your gift could: 

  • give children like Philomon and Philomena access to the medicine to cure their leprosy. Children need a 12-month course without interruption to be cured completely and avoid future threat of disability.
  • provide specialised leprosy training of village health volunteers to reach out, find and cure people living with leprosy in these hotspot areas. Often they are in remote places off the beaten track, which makes finding them difficult.
  • ensure that the supply of lifesaving leprosy medicine reaches even the more remote areas of Bougainville, like the village where Philomon and Philomena live.

Help children in Bougainville like Philomon and Philomena!

"I just want leprosy to go and go for good," their mother said.

Whatever you give today will be effectively multiplied FOUR TIMES to bless and provide the cure for children living with leprosy in Bougainville.


This year, through God’s grace, the NZ Government has signed a new partnership and committed funding that will allow the Bougainville Healthy Community Programme to continue their vital work. As part of this commitment, every $10 gift will become $40 of value as it is combined with their contribution to fight leprosy in Bougainville.  

Please send your urgent donation by the 31 March so you can qualify for a 33.3% tax credit this year.