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A message from Dr. Ruby in India

Thank you so much for your faithful support!

Please enjoy watching this short video from Dr. Ruby in India about the Covid situation in India. 


  • Muzaffarpur


    The Leprosy Mission has been working in Muzaffarpur, Bihar, since 1904. It was a small leprosy home, and gradually it became a hospital of 60 beds.
  • Faizabad

    Faizabad India

    Here we support a Vocational Training Centre, where hundreds of leprosy-affected people and their families have benefited from much-needed skills training and employment assistance.
  • Education for a Girl

    Education for a Girl

    “I like to study,” she says with a shy smile. “I like to play cannon ball, there are many girls I can play with and I like to see my best friend Chinta.”
  • Anjali's Story

    Anjali's Story

    Anjali’s story is full of sadness, however because of our incredible Cure One supporters her life can be completely transformed.