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Nepal needs your help

Relief packages are urgently needed to help people affected by floods and landslides in Nepal.

Dear Friend, 

I recently received a call from Shovakhar, a dear friend of mine, also the Country Leader for the Leprosy Mission Nepal – Nepal needs your support and prayers!

This is urgent. 

Flash floods and landslides, triggered by heavy rainfall, have swept across the southern plains of Nepal. More than 100 people are confirmed dead, with 38 people still missing. The Nepal government has estimated that around 90,000 homes were under water.

Since the water level has not declined yet, the rescue attempts in the affected areas have become extremely difficult. The floods and landslides have also affected the Leprosy Mission work in Nepal.

Donate now to urgently help victims of the Nepal flooding.

People affected by leprosy, disability and poverty are especially vulnerable following disasters. They are often forgotten and excluded in immediate responses and relief efforts. You can help these vulnerable people by providing a relief package. 

In the immediate aftermath of the flood and landslide, safe shelter, medicine and food supplies to individuals and communities have become the first priority for the Leprosy Mission.

The Leprosy Mission team in Nepal are planning to deliver at least 2,000 relief packages to the people affected by flood and landslide.

Relief packages are urgently needed. 

Please give today and help provide food, safe shelter, medicine and medical care to support vulnerable families –  those affected by leprosy, disability and poverty. 

Your gift of $15 will provide a family with emergency food items for a week. 

Your donation of $60 will help relieve a vulnerable family affected by this disaster with safe shelter. 

Your gift of $85 will help relieve a vulnerable family affected by this disaster with medicine and medical care. 

Your generous donation of $160 will provide a family with one relief package, including food, safe shelter, tarpaulins, utensils, medicine and medical care. 

Join us in prayer for the safety of victims and those rescuing vulnerable people caught in this disaster in Nepal. The Leprosy Mission team in Nepal are planning to deliver at least 2,000 relief packages to those in desperate need. 

We simply cannot achieve this without your support!

With God's Blessings, 

Gillian Whitley

Executive Director 

P.S. Please pray for God's protection upon people in Nepal, and donate today.

Big or small, every gift matters, especially yours. You can help provide immediate relief to families and communities which have been devastated by these floods and landslides. 


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