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Rinku's Journey

Thank you for being part of Rinku’s journey

The journey from leprosy is often a hard road travelled, but thanks to you, our Cure One supporters, young people like Rinku can be released from the shadows.

For almost a year we have shared Rinku’s story with you, and because of your amazing support, this 16-year-old girl’s life has been completely transformed.

Privileged to meet this strong girl

Kiwis travelling in the 2015 Leprosy Mission Supporters Tour were thrilled to meet Rinku and her family at her little village. 

One supporter describes the experience: “It was quite a moment, especially as this was our very first contact with someone who had been affected by leprosy, and Rinku was overwhelmed meeting so many new faces.

“It was such a privilege to sit beside her, but the real highlight came as we were leaving. She had been quite shy and had shown very little emotion, but as our vehicle was about to leave she spotted me and came rushing over with a beaming smile and we hugged as we said goodbye.”

Meeting Rinku was very moving for everyone as they sensed her deep gratitude for all the support that the Leprosy Mission had given to her and her family.

Restoring a future for Rinku

Part of that support is the restorative gift of a shop for Rinku. This life changing shop was erected and stocked while the Supporters Tour was visiting – an incredible moment that all the travellers were excited to share.

Rinku’s mini grocery shop has everything - washing powder, chippies and other snacks and household products. The difference this new enterprise will make to her family’s struggle with poverty is enormous.

Now there is a glint in Rinku’s eyes. She can start to build a business and a positive future for her family.

Being supported by the Leprosy Mission’s Cure One initiative is life changing for people like Rinku; it is world changing for the global eradication of leprosy; and it is also very heart-warming and rewarding for those of you who answer the call to Cure One. Thank-you!

You can become a Cure One supporter today - click here.

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