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Anjali's Story

Anjali’s story is full of sadness, however because of our incredible Cure One supporters her life can be completely transformed.

Anjali begins her Cure One journey

Anjali, 15, is from Bihar, northeast India. In 2014, she felt tingling and pain in her left hand and a numb patch appeared on her left elbow. One day in school she touched a finger and did not feel anything.

She kept this a secret.

“School was hard because I couldn’t hold a pen. It became more and more difficult,” she reflects.

Then disaster struck. In Bihar the winters are very severe, with temperatures dropping to freezing and the only source of heat is often just a small fire. One morning Anjali got out of bed, washed herself, and went to dry her hands and feet by the fire. After she had been sitting there for some time she was horrified to see that both her feet were covered in blisters. They were very badly burned and she hadn’t felt a thing!

Her family rushed her to the local hospital but the staff there realised she had leprosy, so they would not treat her.

They sent her away and told her family that only the Leprosy Mission’s Muzaffarpur hospital would help her. Poor Anjali had terrible open sores on her feet at this point and her family had to make the two-hour journey on public transport to reach Muzaffarpur. Her feet were becoming infected, however, they had no choice but to get her there.

When they arrived at the hospital the doctors immediately cleaned and dressed her wounds. She needed to stay in hospital for several months while her feet healed. This is because she won’t feel if they become injured again which could lead to infection and possibly amputation.

Anjali will have her wounds dressed every day to prevent infection.

Anjali recounts the day she arrived at Muzaffarpur. “My mother and father started crying. And then I started crying. I felt very bad about this sickness. I didn’t know what leprosy was, just that it was a terrible disease.”

While she is in hospital she will be given multi-drug therapy, the cure for leprosy, and she will be taught physiotherapy as her hand has become clawed.

Anjali’s story is full of sadness, however, because of our incredible Cure One supporters, her life can be completely transformed. She will be cured, cared for, and restored. We will keep you updated with her progress in our inTouch magazines.

Together we can take the sadness out of Anjali's life.

If you would like to become a Cure One supporter please visit or contact

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    A message from Dr. Ruby in India

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    The Leprosy Mission has been working in Muzaffarpur, Bihar, since 1904. It was a small leprosy home, and gradually it became a hospital of 60 beds.
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    Here we support a Vocational Training Centre, where hundreds of leprosy-affected people and their families have benefited from much-needed skills training and employment assistance.
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    “I like to study,” she says with a shy smile. “I like to play cannon ball, there are many girls I can play with and I like to see my best friend Chinta.”