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  • inTouch Magazine

    inTouch Magazine

    We produce two inTouch magazines every year. Each issue is packed full of news and stories from the field.
    You can download past issues below.
    If you would like a hard copy mailed out to you please contact us.
  • Prayer & Praise

    Prayer & Praise

    Monthly Prayer & Praise diary is available to download here. Alternatively you can contact us to receive a copy by post or email.
  • Devotions


    You may wish to reflect on the devotions alone or with family, or use them as part of a discussion in church, work or community group. We hope they will inspire you in your prayer life.
  • Community Engagement

    We love to partner with individuals and groups to raise awareness and funds for people affected by leprosy. You can download some resources here. Contact us for more details!
  • Annual Reports

    Annual Reports

    We are forever grateful for your continued support, prayer and guidance. You can download our Annual Report here to see how your support has changed lives.