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Support our Pacific neighbours to protect their children from leprosy

Thank you for thinking of, praying for and answering the call to love our neighbours in PNG and around the world.

It is your kindness that ensures that the mission to cure children like Aimy and keep them safe from this ancient disease will be fulfilled.

Please leave a message of encouragement to children like Aimy in PNG to show your love and support on their journey to being cured. 

Click here to leave your message to children in PNG

Pacific Cure One Day

On 30th July, the Leprosy Mission New Zealand will be on air from 6am to 3pm for Pacific Cure One Day with 531pi. 

Join us on this special day to transform the lives of people living with leprosy in the Pacific – and help to achieve No Child With Leprosy by 2035.

Frequency: 531am

Papua New Guinea

  • Sustainable Livelihoods Development Project

    Sustainable Livelihoods Development Project

    This project is built on the success of our previous projects in Papua New Guinea, and aims to reduce leprosy burden by focusing in two main areas – health and livelihoods.
  • Lily is now on the road to recovery

    Lily is now on the road to recovery

  • Early detection work miracles

    Early detection works miracles

    Praise the Lord! Because of early detection, Lavu has not developed any disability or noticeable problems.
  • Gouwo's smile says it all

    Gouwo's smile says it all

    Guowo's life is transformed thanks to incredible supporters like you! She wants to be an example to other leprosy affected people in her community.