The Leprosy Mission began working in India in 1874. Around 70 percent of people diagnosed with leprosy live in India.

The Leprosy Mission New Zealand works predominantly in two regions of India.

  • Muzaffarpur - here we support a Community Leprosy Hospital, where hundreds of leprosy-affected people and their families receive much needed treatment and care. 

  • Faizabad - here we support a Vocational Training Centre, where hundreds of leprosy-affected people and their families have benefited from much needed skills training and employment assistance.
Leprosy Mission India Quick Facts:

  • The Leprosy Mission has been working in India for the past 138 years.

  • Approx. 50% of Leprosy Mission International's resources are channelled in to India to provide support to the vast numbers of people affected by leprosy and its consequences.

  • Leprosy is still a feared disease, individuals and families affected by leprosy face stigma and discrimination every day.

  • Muzaffarpur Leprosy Mission Hospital is well equipped with an outpatient and inpatient clinic, pharmacy for patients to receive medication to cure them of leprosy. The hospital also provides reconstructive hand and foot surgery to restore people from the effects of untreated leprosy. Other facilities include physiotherapy clinic to soften clawed hands and feet before surgery, counselling to help patients overcome the fears and stigma associated with leprosy and an eye care clinic. 

  • The Vocational Training Centre based at Faizabad Leprosy Mission Hospital provides young men and women who come from leprosy-affected families the opportunity to receive an education to help them break free from poverty and stigma. 

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