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Join our team and take part in the Auckland Marathon 2017! Whatever your level of fitness there is something for you. From the 5km run to the full marathon. And everything in between.

So sign up and do something amazing. 

You will be part of a team of runners and walkers, known as the Leprosy Mission Running 4 Rights team, who participate in the Auckland Marathon and events around New Zealand. Each year they raise awareness and project funding for people affected by leprosy.

Team participants include supporters, volunteers, Youth Advocate, Board members and staff who all have varying degrees of fitness from experienced marathon runners to casual walkers. Everyone is welcome to join the team and get involved. 


"Running 4 Rights is a really cool experience... to get out there, do some exercise and actually make an impact on the people around the world we live in. By raising money we can make a difference in the world." - Stefan van Woerden, Youth Advocate 

"If people knew about this cause it would be pretty easy to get behind it and running is a great way to fundraise and get into it at the same time... People who know and really believe in what you are doing love to support you." - Miriam Whitton, Youth Advocate

"I'm participating in Running 4 Rights to help those affected by leprosy - very simple really! This was the first time I did any form of running for over 8 years! So training and the running was a huge personal milestone and the motivation to help those less fortunate made sure I kept going with the training. Having met people affected by leprosy who have had their lives change for the better because of the Leprosy Mission NZ gives me a strong assurance that Running 4 Rights is more than worth it!" - Odele Habets, Board member

A Running 4 Rights member approaches the finish line

The Leprosy Mission Running 4 Rights team have had huge success in the past. 

Over the past few years we have raised over $90,000 for to cure, care for and restore people affected by leprosy. We would like to thank everyone who took part for their commitment to the Mission, and to every one of their supporters.

Information on registration for events here.

Are you a member of a running or walking group?

Gillian would be keen to hear from you and partner with your group for an event or activity.

Youth Advocate Scholarships

If you are under 24 years old, you can combine your participation in the Leprosy Mission Running 4 Rights Team with your application for the Youth Advocate Scholarship to Nepal. Find out more.


Here are links to run/walk events in New Zealand in 2017 at and

Auckland Marathon 

R4R Team member support

As a member of the Leprosy Mission's Running 4 Rights Team you will receive:

  • A Running 4 Rights t-shirt
  • Help getting sponsorship (via Everyday Hero*)
  • Support on the event day
  • The wonderful feeling of satisfaction having raised awareness and project funding for individuals and families affected by leprosy!
And if you can't participate, you can always support work with a donation here.
*When setting up a page on Everyday Hero you will be prompted to select a charity. Please select 'Leprosy Mission New Zealand' and we will automatically receive funds raised.