Ways To Give

Join us on our mission!

Every day, 720 new cases of leprosy are detected. For every one person who is diagnosed an entire family suffers. Your support will help eradicate the causes and consequences of leprosy and give hope to leprosy-affected people, their families and their communities.

Cure One

Cure One makes it so easy for you to completely cure, care for and restore one person affected by leprosy. You choose how long a time you need to donate the full cost of someone’s life-giving treatment. Monthly over a year, two years, or a single gift. Becoming a Cure One supporter is the best way for you to experience the great joy of setting someone completely free from leprosy. Find out more.

Donate Online

In the last 25 years more than 15 million leprosy-affected individuals and their families have received medical care and been empowered to stand up for their rights. Today, 5 million families still urgently need our support. You can donate online now and make a real and lasting difference. It is simple, fast and safe. Find out more.

Really Good Gifts

Our Really Good Gifts have been carefully chosen to meet the needs of individuals and families affected by leprosy. There's a wide range of original and meaningful gifts for you to choose from to suit your family and friends, including gifts for children. Find out more.

Moneybox Programme

Moneyboxes are for everyone! You can have a moneybox at home, or take one to your school, church or workplace. They are a simple and fun way to help people disadvantaged by poverty and leprosy in the developing world. Find out more.

Online Bookshop

We have a great selection of online books for you to purchase. All the proceeds are used to support our vital work. Find out more.


Arranging for a bequest in your will is perhaps the greatest gift you can make. It is a powerful way to serve leprosy-affected families for generations to come. Find out more.

Tax Refunds

Changes to New Zealand Income Tax Act mean that individuals donating $5 or more to a registered charity can claim a tax rebate of 33.33% on the donated amount. Find out more.

Telephone Donation

Call us on Freephone 0800 862 873 or 09-630 2818 to discuss a suitable and convenient way for you to make a donation.

Post your donation to:

Leprosy Mission New Zealand

PO Box 96262
Auckland 1342

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