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Lily is now on the road to recovery

Lily had advanced leprosy on her foot - she had lost two toes, and had a deep ulcer on the sole of her foot. Leprosy has also given Lily dropfoot and a loss of sensation in her leg.

Lily was devastated and ashamed about her leprosy. She found it hard to make eye contact with others, and she often isolated herself from the rest of the world. 

Thanks to the kindness and prayers from wonderful supporters like you, Lily is in a better place now.

Lily from PNG

Lily has started her multi-drug therapy treatment. She receives bandages for her ulcer from the Leprosy Mission. Village Health volunteers also teach Lily to take care of her wound.

Lily gives thanks for your support 

Lily was delighted to meet our project staff again, and proudly showed us her drawings. She is smiling much more now, and she enjoys spending time with her family and friends. 

Thank you from Lily

Lily received a colouring book and some colouring pencils given by a New Zealand supporter. 

Papua New Guinea

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    Aimy's Story

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    Support our Pacific neighbours to protect their children from leprosy

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    Praise the Lord! Because of early detection, Lavu has not developed any disability or noticeable problems.
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