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Secure Ways to Give

Here are some easy and secure alternative options you might want to consider.

We really value your support, and we want to make it easy for you to continue your vital donations to help people living with leprosy throughout the world.

We Keep Your Donation Safe and Secure.

Bank Deposit

You can send your love and support directly to our BNZ Bank account

Bank: Bank of New Zealand 

Account Name: Leprosy Mission NZ

Account Number:  02 0264 0029018 05 

Particulars: ' your name '

Reference:  'supporter number (if known) or your phone number'

Code:   e.g. 'ONEOFF', MONTHLY, WEEKLY' (donation frequency)

Safety and security:  By providing your name and details as a reference we are able to allocate your donation to your wishes and provide you acknowledgment and assurance that the funds have been received. 

Donation Safe and Secure

POLi allows you to make a donation online using money straight from your bank account. POLi is safe and secure. It lets you use your Internet Banking to make the payment. 

How does POLi work? 

  1. Click the 'Pay Now with POLi' button
  2. Select your bank and click proceed with payment
  3. Log in to your bank
  4. Follow the prompts to complete the transaction (which may include selecting an account or entering two-factor information)
  5. Complete the payment and receive your receipt

Safety and security: POLi places a lot of importance on the security of its software. It never captures sensitive information such as your login name or password. For further information, visit

Online Banking

If you have set up online banking with your bank, we are a registered biller so you can look us up in your bank's Payee list by name (Leprosy Mission NZ). And by saving Leprosy Mission as a saved payee will make it easier next time.

Safety and security: We are a registered biller ensuring your donation will be coming into the correct account. By adding reference details of your name and phone ( or supporter number) we are able to send you an acknowledgment that the donation has been received. 


Talk to us direct at the Leprosy Mission office in Auckland on the freephone number 0800 862 873 and you can make a secure debit/ credit card donation payment over the phone.

Safety and Security: To keep your information secure we will Never ask you for your CVC number. Registered organisations do not need CVC  to process donations. When calling remember to save us to your contacts so you will know when we call.

One-off Direct Debit Authority Form

You decide the amount and when you want to give it by filling out the appeal form

Download One-off Direct Debit Authority Form  

Recurring Direct Debit Authority Form

You decide the frequency and the amount  you want to give by filling out the Cure One Regular Giving Direct Debit form

Download Regular Giving Direct Debit Authority Form 

Please email the signed authority form to

Recurring Bank Direct Debit Authority via our Website

Recurring Donations will be processed through a secured payment gateway managed by Flo2Cash. For further information, visit

Donation Safe and Secure

Click below to set up Cure One Regular Giving using your Bank Details:

Cure One Regular Giving by Bank

Your information is held securely as we are the registered initiator of the direct debit that you authorise.

Safety and security:  this is one of the more secure ways as only the Leprosy Mission can take the money out and only as and when you authorise by filling out your Authority form. Please contact us on 0800 862873 for details. 

Donation by Credit or Debit Cards

Donation Safe and Secure

Leprosy Mission NZ accepts Visa, MasterCard, or Amex when making donations.

You can make a secure one-off donation direct on this website by clicking the button -  DONATE NOW 

Credit Card Direct Debit Authority via our Website

Recurring and One-Off transactions will be processed through a secured payment gateway managed by Worldline - Click (formerly Paymark). For further information, visit

* We are still in the process of transitioning to Worldline as our payment gateway provider. All credit card transactions currently are still being processed through Windcave.

Worldline NZ

Click below to set up Cure One Regular Giving using your Credit/Debit Details:

Cure One Regular Giving by Credit/Debit Card

When making your credit card donation, kindly not click the Refresh and Back button or close your browser as this may cause you to be charged twice or the transaction may result in an error.

Leprosy Mission Website

Safety and security: A padlock icon will appear at the top of the webpage. This ensures your personal information is secure.

Donation Safe and Secure

Our website is SSL Certificate Verified. This means that our website has a secure connection, safe to browse, donate, purchase, or provide your personal details such as address or bank information.

Donate Now 

Ways To Give

  • Give Really Good Gifts

    Give Really Good Gifts this Christmas

    Give Really Good Gifts and help someone affected by leprosy like Luther this Christmas
  • Donate

    Your support can make a world of difference to people affected by leprosy. Donate to our current appeal.
  • Cure One

    Cure One Regular Giving

    Cure, Care for and Restore One person affected by Leprosy.
    Become a Cure One supporter by giving a regular gift.
  • Bequests


    We promise that a gift in your Will, however large or small, will be spent wisely and will make a genuine difference to people affected by leprosy.
  • Donate Your Tax Rebate

    Many people choose to donate their tax rebate to the Leprosy Mission as it is an easy way to give a little bit extra to people affected by leprosy around the world.