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Stories of Survival

Thanks to all our incredible supporters who have made it possible for the Anandaban Hospital staff to continue saving lives amid extremely difficult circumstances.

In the aftermath of the two deadly earthquakes, which devastated Nepal on 25 April and 12 May 2015, Anandaban Hospital staff have stood steadfast and offered hope to thousands in desperate need. 

Severely damaged by the first 7.8 magnitude quake, parts of Anandaban Hospital had to be evacuated urgently. 

While staff tended to patients in challenging conditions, scores of traumatised and injured survivors started descending on the hospital frantically in search of treatment or surgery. 

Thanks to the unwavering spirit of the staff and the ongoing generosity of New Zealand supporters, no patient has been turned away, and hospital staff can continue to provide unabated medical care.

Two patients who came for help, were 5-year-old Arji and 90-year-old Dal. 

Love and concern for Arji

“I felt alone and scared,” remembered Arji who broke her right arm when she fell, as she and her older siblings ran away from the family’s collapsing house.

It was Saturday so there was no school on. 

The quake struck out of the blue, and when their house started crumbling, the children took off.

In the ensuing chaos, Arji couldn’t keep up with the others and she fell. A sharp pain shot through her right arm, and the young girl was too sore and frightened to move.

Her eldest sister comforted Arji until their parents returned and took Arji to Anandaban Hospital.

“Arji’s broken arm was treated immediately. The staff showed us much love and concern. We will remain forever thankful,” said Arji’s father.

Relieved to have survived and grateful for the hospital staff’s dedication, Arji’s family is now starting over. 

Dal, a grateful survivor 

“I shouted, ‘Help, help, I’m buried!’” exclaimed Dal, as he recounted the moment the first quake hit and his house started falling in on him.

The frail nonagenarian and his 87-year-old wife were inside their house when the earthquake struck.

“I was lucky my son heard my cries. Sadly, my wife died. I would have died too had my son not come to my rescue.”

Dal’s son took his father to Anandaban Hospital where Dal received treatment for shock and his injured left arm and hand.

“I received good treatment and care. At my age, I could so easily have died. I want to say thank you to all who have helped me.”

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