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Supporter Tour

Join the Leprosy Mission supporter tour, come and see for yourself how people are cured and lives are changed.

Supporter Tour to India and Nepal with Leprosy Mission New Zealand - March 2018

Always wondered exactly how the Leprosy Mission works? Now is your chance to enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Visit Leprosy Mission hospitals and projects in Faizabad, Muzaffapur while experiencing the culture and history of Delhi and the Taj Mahal. In Nepal you can witness the aftermath of the 2015 earthquakes, and see the incredible work of the Leprosy Mission in Kathmandu while staying on the Anandaban Hospital campus.

Join the Leprosy Mission supporter tour in 2018, and discover the incredible colour and culture of India and Nepal. Above all, come and see for yourself how people are cured and lives are transformed through your prayers and compassion.

You will visit Leprosy Mission hospitals, training centres and community development programmes. You will also have the chance to meet the locals. Do not miss our 2018 Supporter Tour to India and Nepal. These visits are truly unforgettable.

“I saw in a tangible way that God is bringing healing and hope to some of the worlds poorest people through people like me and you working together,” Kathy says, “It's a great feeling knowing that your donation can change a life or even the future of a whole family or community!”

''Being on the supporter’s tour has been just the greatest experience. I thought I was coming to be a blessing to others, but have been totally and utterly blessed by the appreciation of the hospital and all the folk here.'' says Margaret gratefully.

Contact: Gillian Whitley, Executive Director Phone: 0800 862 873 / 021 537 356 Email:

India only: $3,950

India and Nepal: $4,950



Get Involved

  • World Leprosy Day

    World Leprosy Day

    On the last Sunday of January, people all around the world celebrate World Leprosy Day.
  • Youth Advocate Scholarship

    Youth Advocate Scholarship

    Each year, we choose a group of enthusiastic young people to become advocates for the vital work we do with leprosy-affected individuals and their families.
  • Running Events

    Running Events

    Join our team and take part in the Auckland Marathon 2017! Whatever your level of fitness there is something for you.
  • Join our running team

    Join our running team

    Become a member of the Leprosy Mission's Running 4 Rights team and help transform lives of people affected by leprosy!
  • Volunteer with us

    Volunteer with us

    Volunteers are always welcome and appreciated at The Leprosy Mission.
  • Moneybox


    Moneyboxes are for everyone! You can have a moneybox at home, or take one to your school, church or workplace.
  • Prayer Support

    Prayer Support

    The founder of the Leprosy Mission, Wellesley Bailey, spoke of the organisation as being 'born and cradled in prayer'. We believe this statement still holds true.
  • Employment


    As long as leprosy afflicts individuals and communities, we are committed to doing all we can to break its power and impact.