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Sustainable Livelihoods Development Project

This project is built on the success of our previous projects in Papua New Guinea, and aims to reduce leprosy burden by focusing in two main areas – health and livelihoods.

In partnership with World Health Organization, New Zealand Government and Papua New Guinea Government, the Leprosy Mission New Zealand has started a new five-year project in Papua New Guinea from 2017 to 2022. 

This project is built on the success of our previous projects in Papua New Guinea and aims to reduce the leprosy burden by focusing on two main areas – health and livelihoods.


The first goal of this project is to eradicate leprosy through the National Leprosy Elimination Programme partnership. TLM PNG is an implementing partner for National Leprosy Elimination Programme 2016-2020.

National leprosy programme reviews were held from 2014 to 2016. The challenges from previous projects were highlighted, and some potential approaches were inputted into the plans for the new National Leprosy Elimination Programme.

Through this new programme, leprosy detection, treatment, education and training will help to reduce stigma and discrimination against people affected by leprosy and their families and lead to their successful reintegration into society. 


The second goal of this project is to develop sustainable livelihood for leprosy-affected communities in PNG through income generation activities and training.

The Leprosy Mission PNG staff will oversee the selection of two community facilitators per community. These community facilitators are trained for 2 weeks in entrepreneurial skills, human rights, gender, environment, health awareness, life skills, mentoring and monitoring skills. They then regularly educate their communities about income generation activities, clean environments, health, sanitation and equality.

Community mobiliser mentors are also trained for ongoing comprehensive supervision, encouragement and support of the community facilitators, and together they respectively support the individuals and families affected by leprosy and disability.

People affected by leprosy and disability can receive training on skills like livelihood development, business planning, financial literacy, micro-credit loan and savings. With this knowledge and support from the Leprosy Mission, leprosy-affected people in PNG can set up their own small businesses, support their families and improve their future prospects.

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Papua New Guinea

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    Aimy's Story

    The world is consumed with a new virus, but thank you for remembering the ancient illness that still threatens the world's most vulnerable people.
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    Early detection works miracles

    Praise the Lord! Because of early detection, Lavu has not developed any disability or noticeable problems.
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    Gouwo's smile says it all

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