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Donate Your Tax Rebate

Many people choose to donate their tax rebate to the Leprosy Mission as it is an easy way to give a little bit extra to people affected by leprosy around the world.

Individual Tax Refunds

Changes to the New Zealand Income Tax Act 2007 (applied from the 2008-2009 tax year) mean that individuals donating an amount of $5 or more (up to their taxable income) can claim a tax rebate of 33.33% on the donated amount.

Company Tax Refunds

Companies have had the donation threshold of 5% of their income removed. From the 2008-2009 tax year businesses can claim a tax deduction on donated amounts limited to the amount that would be the company's net income before taking into account the donation deduction.

Maori authority

The Income Tax Act 2007 allows a Maori authority to claim a deduction for all donations it makes to a Maori association and all charitable or other public benefit gifts it makes to society, institution, association, organisation, trust, or fund. The deduction is limited to the amount that would be the Maori authority's net income before taking into account the donation deduction.

The Leprosy Mission New Zealand is Registered Charity No CC37638.

How to transfer your tax rebate:

  1. Visit the IRD Website
  2. Complete an IR526 form
  3. In Box 10 of this form, enter Leprosy Mission New Zealand’s IRD number (10-471-141)
  4. Under ‘Name of person receiving the tax credit’, write ‘Leprosy Mission New Zealand (Inc.)’
  5. Enter the year
  6. In Box 11, choose the amount you’d like to transfer (this can be all or part of the rebate)
  7. Staple your donation receipts to the back of the form.
  8. Send your completed IR526 form (with donation receipts) to the Inland Revenue Department.
  9. Your rebate will be transferred to our IRD number and then paid directly into our bank account

If you would like a tax receipt for the amount you have transferred so that you can claim a further rebate on this amount next year please, email us at with ‘Tax Rebate Donation’ in the subject line and the following included in your email:

  • Name
  • IRD number
  • Address
  • Amount transferred

* Click the link below for more information on other ways to donate -

Ways To Give

  • Secure Ways to Give

    Secure Ways to Give

    Here are some easy and secure alternative options you might want to consider.
  • Give Really Good Gifts

    Gifts for Nepal

    Your gift today will bring hope to those who need it most at Anandaban Hospital.
  • Donate

    Your support can make a world of difference to people affected by leprosy. Donate to our current appeal.
  • Cure One

    Cure One Regular Giving

    Cure, Care for and Restore One person affected by Leprosy.
    Become a Cure One supporter by giving a regular gift.
  • Bequests


    We promise that a gift in your Will, however large or small, will be spent wisely and will make a genuine difference to people affected by leprosy.