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Who We Are

We are one of New Zealand's oldest charities being in New Zealand for over 100 years. We have a dedicated staff based in Auckland and raise funds and awareness for people affected by leprosy around the world.

Who We Are

Gillian Whitley, Leprosy Mission - NZ (Executive Director), and Brent Morgan, The Leprosy Mission - International (Director)

Who We Are

We are working towards a world without leprosy. Leprosy doesn't exist in New Zealand anymore but the Leprosy Mission New Zealand plays a vital role in the overall work of The Leprosy Mission Global Fellowship of 29 countries around the world. 

We are part of the Global Fellowship as a Supporting Country, our role is to uphold our partners around the world financially, practically, and prayerfully, enabling them to deliver the care and support that is needed. 

Staffing and Governance

We have a programmes team that manages our projects in the leprosy-affected countries where we work; a marketing and communications team that fundraises and promotes our work to the New Zealand public; a supporter services team that look after our greatly valued donors, prayer partners, and volunteers; and a finance team who look after everything that is money-related.

The management team sets the strategic direction for the organisation as a whole and keeps us on track to meet our objectives.

Senior Management of the Leprosy Mission New Zealand Incorporated:

Gillian Whitley   Executive Director 
Martin Malkaney Finance Manager
Leanne Ryburn Marketing & Fundraising Manager
Jasleen Kler  International Programmes Manager
Integrity Financial Audits Auditor
Gaze Burt Lawyers Hon Solicitors

The Board of the Leprosy Mission New Zealand Incorporated

We have a supportive Board that provides us with expert advice on a wide range of issues. Our Board members are volunteers and come from a variety of backgrounds including development, law, finance, and marketing.

Board Chair: 

Andre Stuart - BE


Blair Matheson - MBA

Andrew Stott - BCom/ BA, MBA

Graham Mills (Treasurer) - BCom, CA 

Jo Burnett - BNurs

Nadine Rutter - BSc

Nicholas Fagerlund - LL.B.

Rev Kathleen Gavin - DipPhysio, Dip Biblical Studies

Leprosy Mission Incorporated Society

Members of our society have the opportunity to contribute to the leadership and direction of the organisation. 

All members receive the Annual Report and Audited Accounts and are entitled to attend the Annual Meeting and special meetings of the society, or where necessary, send a proxy.

Rules of the Society 

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If you are interested in becoming a member please email us.

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About Us

  • Who We Work With

    Who We Work With

    Leprosy Mission New Zealand has been partnering with the Leprosy Mission Global Fellowship, World Health Organisation (WHO), and other organisations, dedicated to ending leprosy and transforming lives.
  • Zero Leprosy Transmission by 2035

    No Child with Leprosy by 2035

    The Leprosy Mission is part of the Global Partnership for Zero Leprosy, joining with organisations like the World Health Organisation (WHO), working towards ending leprosy transmission by 2035.
  • Safeguarding


    The Leprosy Mission is committed to the safeguarding and protection of everyone we work with, including beneficiaries, volunteers, TLM staff and the staff of partner organisations.
  • Our Story

    Our Christian Identity and Values

    Our vision is a world where leprosy is defeated and lives are transformed. Because we follow Jesus Christ, we value Compassion, Justice, Integrity, Inclusion, and Humility.
  • Global Fellowship

    Leprosy Mission Global Fellowship

    Leprosy Mission Global Fellowship is a global federation of 29 Leprosy Mission national organisations. We work together towards our shared vision of leprosy defeated, lives transformed.
  • Celebrating 110 years in New Zealand

    Celebrating 110 years in New Zealand

    2022 is a special year in the life of the Leprosy Mission – this year we celebrate 110 years in New Zealand.
  • Privacy, Complaints Procedure and Security

    Privacy, Complaints Procedure and Security

    Please contact us on 0800 862 873 if you have any questions about the use of your personal information.
  • Copyright and Disclaimer

    Copyright and Disclaimer

    Please contact us on 0800 862 873 if you have any enquiries.
  • Latest News

    Latest News, Resources and Media

  • Contact Us

    Contact Us

    Have a question, Want to provide feedback, or have trouble with something on the website?