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Anandaban Hospital in Kathmandu

At Anandaban Hospital, around 16 km from Kathmandu city, a holistic approach is taken to cure and care for people affected by leprosy.

Anandaban Hospital in Kathmandu

Anandaban Hospital

At Anandaban Hospital, around 16 km from Kathmandu city, a holistic approach is taken to cure and care for people affected by leprosy. 

Tucked away in the forest - Anandaban is Nepali for "forest of joy" - the hospital operates as a haven for peace and tranquillity for people recovering from leprosy and its complications.

The Anandaban Hospital staff have a strong connection with patients throughout their entire journey with leprosy. Whether they are in the hospital recovering from reconstructive surgery; undergoing intensive physiotherapy; or in Rosa House (the rehabilitation unit) preparing to return to their community, staff provide a safe and caring relationship with the patients, every step of the way.

The Out-Patients city clinic in Patan provides diagnosis and treatment as well as the Community Rehabilitation Programme. The clinic is run weekly with the aim of reaching out to the wider community to educate and raise awareness of leprosy and what treatment is available. Staff and volunteer health workers travel to the rural areas of Kathmandu and interact with and support members of self-help groups, which can dramatically change lives through mutual support and sustainability.

As getting to the hospital it can be difficult for some people due to work, family, or disability, this mobile support is an invaluable part of the Anandaban Hospital services.

Anandaban Hospital

Anandaban is a flagship hospital and the main referral hospital for leprosy complications in the whole of Nepal, and one of the only places where people can access life-changing reconstructive surgeries.

Without Anandaban Hospital, there would be very little support or essential surgeries available to leprosy-affected patients.

While they may receive treatment in local Government hospitals, the kinds of restorative surgery, rehabilitation, and disability-preventing support provided by Anandaban Hospital make a world of difference not only in curing people of leprosy but enabling them to return to full participation in their communities. 

Anandaban Hospital provides the ability to mend people affected by leprosy in all ways – physically, psychologically, and spiritually.

Anandaban Hospital

Each year, Leprosy Mission New Zealand takes a group of students to experience Leprosy Mission work in action at Anandaban Hospital and the surrounding areas.

Upon their return, these students act as Youth Advocates, working together and individually to raise awareness and funds for our vital work. You can read more about the Youth Advocate Scholarship here or Call us at 0800 862 873

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  • IDEA Nepal

    IDEA Nepal

    Our local partners IDEA Nepal are a grassroots foundation based in Pokhara which was formed by people affected by leprosy in 1998.
  • Earthquake Response Community-Based Rehabilitation Project

    Earthquake Response Community-Based Rehabilitation Project

    Our main concern is to provide medical and psycho-social support to leprosy-affected individuals and their families- especially those who are living with disability.
  • Earthquake Response Stories

    Stories of Survival

    Thanks to all our incredible supporters who have made it possible for the Anandaban Hospital staff to continue saving lives amid extremely difficult circumstances.
  • Katy's Trip to Nepal

    Katy's Trip to Nepal

    Katy Edwards is one of our wonderful group of 2016 Youth Advocates. In November 2016, she spent a few weeks in our support office as an intern.