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World Leprosy Day

World Leprosy Day is observed internationally every year on the last Sunday of January to raise public awareness of leprosy.

 It’s a day we can set aside to raise awareness of people affected by leprosy.

The French humanitarian Raoul Follereau selected the date for World Leprosy Day. He wanted to pay homage to the life of Mahatma Gandhi and his death on 30th January 1948. Inspired by Jesus, Gandhi had a lifelong compassion for people affected by leprosy.

In 2023, World Leprosy Day falls on 29th January.

Join us in this global movement! 

If you and your church community are inspired to join us on this global movement, please feel free to contact us. We are more than happy to help with resources to be used from January - March to start the final journey towards ending leprosy.

Join people around the world in prayer and awareness-raising and hold your own World Leprosy Day event at your church or in your small group.


You can also organise your own fundraising event, click here to download your fundraising tools.

Feel free to contact us by calling 0800 862 873 or emailing for any help you need with planning or any aspect of your event! 

Did you know?

World Leprosy Day, stigma   World leprosy day, stigma, diadnose

  • Tens of thousands of boys and girls are diagnosed with leprosy each year, demonstrating that leprosy is still being transmitted throughout communities. #ZeroTransmission
  • We can prevent the development of lifelong disabilities in children if new leprosy cases are detected and treated early. #Zero Disabilities
  • Too often, children affected by leprosy stop going to school and feel socially isolated because of discrimination. As well as treatment, social inclusion is key to ending leprosy. #ZeroDiscrimination
  • By working together to prevent, treat and cure leprosy in girls and boys, we will be one vital step closer to a world without leprosy. #ZeroLeprosy   

Thank you again for joining us in the final journey towards ending leprosy!

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    The founder of the Leprosy Mission, Wellesley Bailey, spoke of the organisation as being 'born and cradled in prayer'. We believe this statement still holds true.
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