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Cure One

Cure one today, a world without leprosy tomorrow.

Cure One
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Become a Cure One Supporter Today

Completely cure, care for and restore one person affected by leprosy, like Shabnam.

Just $20 a month will Cure someone like Shabnam - you will help provide the course of medicine that eradicates leprosy. As a Cure One supporter, you will get to see Shabnam's progress as she takes the months of medication that will cure her leprosy. 

For $29 a month you can help Cure and Care Shabnam's body and soul. Leprosy numbed the nerves in Shabnam's hands. Leprosy has also ravaged her face - her nasal ridge has collapsed. Shabnam's self-esteem is so crushed. Your gifts can go towards providing ongoing professional care like reconstructive surgery, physiotherapy and counselling to help her overcome the pain of rejection. 

Or for $36 a month you will Cure, Care for and Restore Shabnam. With no family to help her, Shabnam needs to support herself. Sewing would be ideal, but she could not possibly afford to learn. Cure One can provide the vocational support that secures her future

Your help is absolutely vital to someone like Shabnam. She needs to be cured, cared for and restored to a whole new life, because she can never go home again. 

Shabnam is 18 now, a young woman, but she grew up without the love of a mother in her life. When strange patches appeared her skin, when her nose started to buckle and bleed, when her hands became numb, she had no one to ask, "Mum, what's happening to me?" 

When we had to tell Shabnam she had leprosy, she wept with heartbreaking grief. Fear and loneliness overwhelmed her. She was afraid her community would abuse her, treat her cruelly and reject her - and her fears came true. 

Through your kind support and God’s love, people affected by leprosy like Shabnam can become miracles in themselves, as we cure, care for and restore one person at a time. Together, we can give Shabnam's story a much happier ending.

When you become a Cure One supporter, you will have the incredible experience setting someone like Shabnam completely free from leprosy.

The process involves medicine; desperately needed hospital care; and assistance to restore the person back to their community, through education and/or training for a livelihood.

If you require any assistance you can call Janesse on 0800 862 873. She will be more than happy to organise your payments over the phone, or send you out the appropriate forms.

We will keep you closely connected to Shabnam's progress, as an example how your gifts are setting someone free to rebuild their life after leprosy.

What a wonderful way to achieve a world without leprosy. One person at a time.

Become a Cure One supporter today