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Cure One

Cure one today, a world without leprosy tomorrow.

Cure One
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Become a Cure One Supporter Today

Completely cure, care for and restore one person affected by leprosy, like Kanti.

Kanti, a delightful 13 year girl in India. 

To understand Kanti's story we must realise that her young life has not been easy. Her father works as a packer but it is three days' travel from home. He sends money back to the family from the little he earns. It also means Kanti only sees him once every two years when he has a chance to travel back home.

Kanti's story started five years ago, when Kanti's mum Sarita realised there were discoloured patches all over Kanti's little body. It was not until later when an ulcer developed on the sole of Kanti's right foot, that she took Kanti to the local hospital. 

Kanti was diagnosed with leprosy. Because of delayed treatment, Kanti has developed drop foot on her right leg. The family was devastated by Kanti's situation. 

Leprosy is one burden too much for someone who is already suffering from poverty, like Kanti - and her family. 

It is saddening to see a young girl have her life disrupted by this terrible disease. 

Through your kind support and God’s love, children affected by leprosy like Kanti can become miracles in themselves, as we cure, care for and restore one person at a time. Together, we can give Kanti's story a much happier ending.

When you become a Cure One supporter, you will have the incredible experience setting someone like Kanti completely free from leprosy.

The process involves medicine; desperately needed hospital care; and assistance to restore the person back to their community, through education and/or training for a livelihood.

If you require any assistance you can call Kiri within business hours on 0800 862 873. She will be more than happy to organise your payments over the phone, or send you out the appropriate forms.

As a Cure One supporter, we will keep you closely connected to Kanti's progress, as an example how your gifts are setting someone free to rebuild their life after leprosy.

Cure One like Kanti today! 

Just $20 a month will Cure Kanti - you will help ensure leprosy is detected early and provide the course of medicine that eradicates leprosy.

For $29 a month you can help Cure and Care for Kanti, which means your gifts can go towards providing ongoing professional care like reconstructive surgery and physiotherapy, and help to educate deprived communities that leprosy is a preventable disease, not a spiritual curse.

Or for $36 a month you will Cure, Care for and Restore – enable Kanti to complete her schooling, develop self-confidence and and go on to have an opportunity to learn a trade. A child's best chance of escaping poverty is education.

Your support also enables Kanti’s family to join a local self-help group, learn a trade or set up a small family business to earn money, and lift themselves out of poverty.

Your help is absolutely vital to someone like Kanti, because there is no way they can afford the care they need to overcome leprosy in their life.

Leprosy is curable. Curing leprosy simply involves a course of medicine taken over a few months. We are the first generation to have a cure. We are now within sight of a world without leprosy.

In the last 30 years, 15 million people have been cured of leprosy. But there are still 5 million people living with this dreadful disease. You can help free the world of leprosy forever, by signing up to Cure One today.

What a wonderful way to achieve a world without leprosy. One person at a time.

Please fill out the form on this page now and become a Cure One supporter.