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Youth Advocate Scholarship

* Youth Advocate Scholarship is temporarily suspended due to Covid-19 Restrictions

Each year, we choose a group of enthusiastic young people to become advocates for the vital work we do with leprosy-affected individuals and their families.

Youth Advocate Scholarship

The eight 2020 Youth Advocates from all over New Zealand are currently raising funds to pay for a water pipe and pump which will provide access to a quality, clean, reliable, water supply for Anandaban Hospital. Their target is $25,000. Water is a fundamental human need. It is essential for drinking, cooking and keeping yourself clean. Polluted water can be deadly, causing sickness and disease. A poor water supply may also dry up in the hot season, causing water shortages, and in monsoon season it becomes even more contaminated with mud and water runoff. 

The new pipe will go down 157 meters into the ground and a pump will push this clean water up the pipe to Anandaban Hospital. This will be life changing for the leprosy-affected people that stay at Anandaban Hospital.

A mission trip to Nepal in early 2021 – will you join us?

The Leprosy Mission New Zealand's Youth Advocate Scholarships enable students with a passion for overseas mission to experience our work, learn about the causes and consequences of leprosy, share time with people affected by leprosy and raise awareness and funding for Leprosy Mission projects.

In the past ten years we have travelled to Kathmandu, Nepal and we will return in 2021 to experience the continuing progress in the aftermath of the earthquakes in 2015 on some of Nepal’s most vulnerable people - people affected by leprosy. Our past Youth Advocates have provided funding for vehicles and electricity generators that have been vital for the effective delivery of services at the Leprosy Mission’s Anandaban Hospital. Other projects have included equipment for the prosthetics department, x-ray machines and medical equipment.

This is a life-changing opportunity that will shift your perspective on what is truly important, whilst you make some amazing friends along the way. During the trip you will meet with those affected by leprosy, visit community self-help groups, complete a two-night trek in Nepal, and possibly even watch a reconstructive surgery take place (actually in the theatre!).

Past Youth Advocates had this to say…

"Amazing trip that has included so much in a short time"

"The complete environment - place, people, experiences have all been perfect"

"I feel like the group was hand-picked by God"

Don’t take our word for it – get in touch and we can connect you with a past youth advocate!

You now have an opportunity to be there and get involved.

Apply today by filling out the form online:

Get in touch to say, “YES – I Am Interested'' and to have any questions answered by us at

 APPLICATIONS CLOSE 30 SEPTEMBER 2020 but will be reviewed as they are submitted so apply today! 

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Youth Advocate Scholarship

  • What to expect

    What to expect

    Immerse yourself in the local culture, share the life stories of people affected by leprosy and Leprosy Mission staff.
  • Application Criteria

    Application Criteria

    If you are a tertiary student and have a heart for mission, this is an amazing opportunity for you!
  • Youth Advocate Scholarship FAQs

    Scholarship FAQs

    Hope you will find this helpful, if you have any more questions please feel free to contact us.