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Touchable: Unveiling the Stigma of Leprosy

We were very honoured to have Shine TV with us on our supporter tour to India. A documentary from the trip was broadcast on Shine TV.

'It sure brought home the terrible nature of leprosy, the effects it has on lives, but also the hope if caught early and treated,' said Mary, one of our supporters.

Don't worry if you missed the programme, as you can now watch it here.



Chandni's Story

17 Feb 2017

Living in poverty is very hard and when leprosy is thrown into the mix it can become impossible. Chandni found herself in this situation when she was just 11 years old. Now, she is 17 years old and her health has drastically improved with the help of surgery and physiotherapy to correct the clawing in her hands. Chandni has also been gifted a Really Good Gift of a Residential Scholarship for a computer course where accommodation and all living expenses are paid for, for a year. Thanks to people

Thank you for your incredible support in 2016!

22 Dec 2016

Your love and generosity means people have a chance to be cured of this terrible disease and receive the care they need to be completely healed. We truly appreciate the wonderful support that you have given in 2016. Please enjoy watching this 1 minute video to see the difference you have made in the lives of people affected by leprosy. We simply cannot do it without you!

Thank you from people affect by leprosy

26 Jul 2016

Thank you! Your unfailing support means people don’t have to accept leprosy as their lot in life. It will ensure they are cured of leprosy and receives the vital care they need. Your love and generosity means people have a chance to be cured of this terrible disease and receive the care they need to be completely healed. Thank you, once again, for bringing us one step closer to achieving our global vision of a world without leprosy.

Lifting a curse - featuring one of our 2016 Youth Advocates

22 Feb 2016

We are so proud of our wonderful Youth Advocates and you can read all about Sophie Bang's experience in the Otago Daily Times. "As one of the eight youth advocates this year in New Zealand, I am dedicated to raising awareness of leprosy," she writes. "I was fascinated by the medical side of things. There is actually a cure for leprosy," "We are also given a fundraising challenge for the year. This year, we are fundraising for a four-wheel-drive vehicle so Anandaban Hospital staff can get to

Giving back - Leprosy Mission NZ in Bangladesh

28 Jan 2016

On Radio New Zealand, Lynda Chanwai-Earle and Justin Gregory, brought us a story about Asian New Zealanders traveling to Bangladesh to bring aid to leprosy sufferers as part of The Leprosy Mission New Zealand. This pilot programme is a first for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade to support Asian volunteers – part of a new ‘super diversity’ trend in NZ Aid and Development. Check out the full pod cast and photo gallery here

2014 Youth Advocates bus fundraising

27 Aug 2014

Our 2014 Youth Advocates have described their trip to Kathmandu, Nepal as an "incredible, life-changing and challenging opportunity of a lifetime". While in Nepal the team saw a real need for a hospital transit bus. Now they are back home and working hard to raise $25,000 for a replacement bus to improve the medical treatment capabilities for both staff and people suffering from leprosy. Our group of 2014 Youth Advocates have collectively raised $16,500 through High Teas in Dunedin and

Jasmine lends HANDA a hand in China

30 Mar 2014

Auckland childcare teacher Jasmine Ye has recently returned from an eye-opening trip to her old hometown of Guangzhou in Southern China. As an ethnic community volunteer for the Leprosy Mission in New Zealand, she used her time in China to participate in activities with HANDA, who are Leprosy Mission NZ’s partner in China, and visited Sian village where many people affected by leprosy live. She shares her experience with inTouch readers. HANDA’s work in Southern China raises money

Compassion inspires dinner party support

27 Mar 2014

One of our lovely supporters from Taupo organised a dinner party to raise funds for people with leprosy. I originally intended to send my first donation of $210. Then my husband came home and told me he had invited 12 people for dinner - all the "guns" that he goes shooting with and their wives - to celebrate the last shoot of the season. So off I went to the supermarket and the specialty food shop and thoroughly enjoyed myself making a gourmet dinner (I did run a cooking business some years

Leprosy Mission street appeal a success

25 Mar 2014

A big thank you to all our wonderful volunteers who pitched in for our Auckland street appeal on the 30th of July. The volunteers went out to 20 different locations around the Auckland CBD, Mt Eden and Newmarket shopping precincts, to raise awareness and collect donations for the Leprosy Mission. “We are extremely grateful for the support we received for our first street appeal in many years,” says Executive Director Brent Morgan. “It was an opportunity to raise funds, but

Ethnic Community Update

22 Dec 2013

TVNZ’s TV programme ‘Neighbourhood’ recently interviewed Baibing Yu, a young Ethnic Community Volunteer for the Leprosy Mission, about the work that he does.For Howick–based Baibing Yu, charity does really start at home. Since his arrival in New Zealand in 2008 to reunite with his family, Baibing has become involved in supporting the Leprosy Mission’s work in China by devoting his time to raise money and awareness for the cause. His goal is to engage with the

ONESOUND festival and [shift]

21 Nov 2013

The inaugural winter Christian music festival, OneSound, took place on June 15th in Waikanae (half-way between Palmerston North and Wellington). The event mainly attracts Christian university students who, for just $40, are treated to 50 bands over 12 hours (10am – 10pm).New Leprosy Mission partners [shift] played at OneSound and the Leprosy Mission’s new Cure One video also featured on the main stage. “It was a good way to raise awareness of our mission and the Cure One

Daniel Ramsay - an experience of a lifetime at Anandaban Hospital

20 Sep 2013

Daniel Ramsay is a sixth-year medical student at Otago University who spent his overseas externship at AnandabanLeprosy Mission Hospital, in Nepal. Daniel is the first medical elective in many years to be placed at one of the projects the Leprosy Mission NZ supports. He shares his insights and experiences with us…Finding a mission“When I needed to pick my medical elective for my final year of medical school, I spoke with family friends who are Leprosy Mission supporters and they

Youth Advocate Scholarship 2013 recipients announced

6 Feb 2013

Join us in welcoming our 2013 Leprosy Mission New Zealand Youth Advocates! Cameron Dyer “I am in my second year of my Bachelor of Medicine degree at the University of Auckland. I am originally from Whangarei, where my family still lives. My home church is Whangarei Central Baptist church where I still help out with youth group when I am home. When I am in Auckland I attend St Paul’s Anglican Church, there is a strong Christian base at university with the Christian Medical Fellowship

Parachute 2013

18 Jan 2013

We will be attending Parachute Music Festival, NZ's largest Christian music festival, again this year which coincides with World Leprosy Day on Sunday 27th January. If you are at Parachute come down to our site and cure, care, restore and weave your way through our site. You can also go in the draw to win a trip to Asia! When: Friday 25th - Sunday 27th January 2013 Where: Mystery Creek, Hamilton Check out the Parachute 2011 video below:

Bringing Light Into the Darkest Places

5 Sep 2012

“God opposes the proud but shows favour to the humble.” James 4:6 Dr Julie Lincoln was called to bring light into the darkest places. Originally from Tauranga, Julie has been based in Nepal for the past seven years, touching and restoring the lives of leprosy-affected people and others who need medical care. It all started by reading Dr Paul Brand’s books at the age of 17.While Julie Lincoln was in New Zealand in July this year, she visited the Leprosy Mission New Zealand

Running 4 Rights 2012

22 Aug 2012

Every year a team of runners and walkers, known as the Running 4 Rights team, participates in the Auckland Marathon to raise awareness and project funding for people affected by leprosy. Click here to find out more on joining this years Running 4 Rights team. This year we invited people from all across the country (not just Auckland) to get involved in Running 4 Rights. They chose to run/walk/swim/cycle in their local fun run, marathon, triathlon or any other event you think fits the bill. If

Reaching out to Southern China

18 Aug 2012

Over the past two years, Leprosy Mission New Zealand's volunteer Ethnic Communities Ambassador, Mike Sheppard, has been steadily growing the Leprosy Mission's Ethnic Communities volunteer team. Mostly based in Auckland, the team have been actively learning about the work of the Mission and then raising awareness within New Zealand ethnic communities. One initiative from the team's Lucy Xia, has been the development of a Chinese language moneybox for distribution in retail shops. The Chinese


17 Aug 2012

Help our 2012 Youth Advocates raise funds for a 4WD for Anandaban Leprosy Mission Hospital • 17 August 2012 Always wanted to give outdoor bowls a try? Why not have fun and support our mission all in one event! Our 2012 Youth Advocates are raising money for an essential 4WD for Anandaban Leprosy Mission Hospital. The vehicle will enable staff to visit remote villages in rural Kathmandu and assist leprosy-affected individuals and their families, who otherwise would be left without access to

Annual appeal

18 Jul 2012

"Lift up the hands that hang down" Kamless's arm became weak and clawed. Only when the damage was done, was leprosy recognised. With it came the old fears. Kamless was told his leprosy was a curse due to sin; a common misconception. With his body already afflicted, that old myth could have broken his heart - but Kamless found out about the Leprosy Mission's hospital in Muzaffarpur. There he was told the truth about leprosy and was able to say "It's not due to sin. It is caused by a bacteria."

May appeal

17 May 2012

Rupa, her family and their community need all the support they can get. They live in one of the most remote, impoverished areas of the Chittagong Hill Tracts in Bangladesh. Life there is hard for everyone. But life for someone known to have leprosy is virtually impossible. 55-year-old Rupa has leprosy. Every day, she tries to hide the patches on her skin from her children and grandchildren. And every week, she makes the long, difficult journey to the Leprosy Mission clinic, desperately hoping

Re-gift your tax credit

5 Apr 2012

Did you know there's a simple way to donate your tax credit back to Leprosy Mission New Zealand. This option increases your donation towards leprosy-affected people by 33% and allows you to claim an additional tax credit on this amount next year! To choose this option, simply follow these easy steps: Fill in the IR 526 form - Download the form with our details prefilled here In box 10, enter the amount of your tax credit you would like to transfer to Leprosy Mission New Zealand Enter the year

Healing from Leprosy Stigma

30 Mar 2012

Heather Heron-Spiers, from Levin, joined the Leprosy Mission Australia Supporter Tour to India and Nepal earlier this year. Heather shares her experience with us below: I spent a month touring Leprosy Mission hospitals, Vocational Training Centres and economic rehabilitation projects in India and Nepal earlier this year with The Leprosy Mission Australia Tour. I was impressed with the quality of the work I saw – the approach was smart, the medicine was state of the art, and the personnel

Giving people in Ethiopia the Bread of Life

12 Mar 2012

"I am the bread of life. Whoever comes to me will never go hungry, and whoever believes in me will never be thirsty." John 6:35 NIV A New Zealand funded Grain Mill has changed the life of an entire community. People in a leprosy-affected community who were once marginalised from society, now have hope for a brighter future. The Leprosy Mission New Zealand works in partnership with a local grassroots leprosy organisation called ENAPAL in Ethiopia, based in the capital Addis Ababa. Brent Morgan,

Fishing for people

4 Mar 2012

Fishing for people When it comes to fishing, it’s usually the people who are doing the fishing and the fish that are being caught. But at the McKean Centre in Thailand, it was once the other way around. Diana Noonan, a supporter of Leprosy Mission New Zealand who visited the McKean Centre, explains below: A very unusual hospital The McKean Centre, in the north of Thailand, is a hospital that once cared for hundreds of people who others were too afraid to go near. The patients at the

New drive to fight leprosy in PNG

9 Feb 2012

Programmes Manager Matt Halsey was interviewed yesterday on Radio New Zealand: We are currently working with the World Health Organisation and the Papua New Guinea Department of Health on a new strategy to combat a severe resurgence of leprosy in the wider areas of Papua New Guinea. Currently, we focus our work in Boungainville where a programme has been established in five of the thirteen districts in Bougainville, read more about it here. Papua New Guinea has been declared free of the disease

Novartis continues fight to help end leprosy

1 Feb 2012

Novartis announced today that it will extend its collaboration with the World Health Organization and others to end leprosy. Novartis will continue to provide free multidrug therapy medicines expected to treat an estimated 850,000 people through the year 2020. The donation is valued at about USD 22 million, and Novartis will provide up to USD 2.5 million to cover the WHO's costs for handling the logistics and distribution. "Since 2000, we have worked with the WHO to provide free treatment to

World Leprosy Day 2012

18 Jan 2012

Will you reach out and touch someone with leprosy this World Leprosy Day on Sunday 29th January? It's now been 100 years since the Leprosy Mission New Zealand was formed. Over the last 30 years since the cure for leprosy was discovered we have cured more than 15 million people around the globe. Together, we've come such a long way. But 5 million people still need your urgent support to overcome the disabilities and stigma caused by leprosy. People like eight-year-old Khusboo, who was diagnosed

1898 Leprosy Act repealed

17 Jan 2012

On 24th November 2011 the Dhaka Government repealed the 1898 Leprosy Act that segregated leprosy patients from their families and society because at the time it was believed that leprosy was contagious and incurable. Awami League MP Saber Hossain Chowdhury, who piloted the bill through Parliament in June 2010, proposed its passage to the members of Parliament who proceeded to annul the obsolete Act. The Reverend Martin Adhikary, Director for Advocacy and Promotion of The Leprosy Mission

2012 Youth Advocates announced ...

2 Jan 2012

Youth Advocate Scholarship recipients announced The Leprosy Mission is thrilled to announce the six successful Youth Advocate Scholarship recipients for 2012. The Leprosy Mission New Zealand's Youth Advocate Scholarships enable young adults with a passion for mission to witness hospital and community project work in Nepal, learn about the causes and consequences of leprosy and raise awareness and funding for Leprosy Mission projects. The group will travel to Nepal in early 2012 to see the

Cure 50 with Newstalk ZB

7 Dec 2011

When a family member is diagnosed with leprosy, it can have a profound impact on the whole family. It often divides families, causing husbands or wives to divorce their leprosy-affected spouse. It also affects their children, as often they cannot go to school if their parents have leprosy. Worst of all, leprosy-affected people are marginalised from their community because people still believe leprosy is caused by sinful behaviour. Unfortunately, this is an everyday reality for thousands

Running 4 Rights 2011

3 Nov 2011

Every year a team of runners and walkers, known as the Running 4 Rights team, participates in the Auckland Marathon to raise awareness and project funding for people affected by leprosy. In 2011 the Auckland Marathon took place on Sunday 30th October. If you would like to be part of the 2012 team please contact our Team Manager Gillian Whitley on (09) 631 1806 or email her here. She can guide you through the registration process either online or offline. This year we invited people from all

On a mission to Nepal 2011

30 Sep 2011

Five Youth Advocate Scholarship recipients visited Nepal in early 2011 to witness the Leprosy Mission in action, and to learn about the medical, social and psychological impacts of leprosy. Our Youth Advocates spent eight days in Kathmandu visiting Leprosy Mission projects at the Mission's Anandaban Hospital, as well as visiting the city's medical clinic and rural self-help groups. At Anandaban Hospital, the Youth Advocates had the opportunity to meet people who were at different stages in

India still struggling with leprosy

17 Aug 2011

Six years after leprosy was declared officially eliminated in India, officials and doctors are warning that the devastating disease is spreading in poverty-stricken pockets of the country. But with your help we can help families in India and other countries around the world that are still struggling due to leprosy. Papua New Guinea declared an elimination of leprosy ten years ago, similarly Timor Leste announced earlier this year that their country is now free of leprosy. What does this really

Wellesley Bailey Award Winners 2011

5 Jul 2011

On Tuesday 31st May, as part of the International Assembly, Mr Mainudin Dafali, from Nepal, and Mr Anjan Dey, from India, were awarded the 2011 Wellesley Bailey Award. This award honours people who have faced significant challenges in their lives from the consequences of leprosy, and have made significant contributions to their community and society. The awardees were presented with a framed citation of their achievements and a commemorative plaque by TLMI Chairman David Parry, as well as given

Introducing our 2011 Youth Advocates

30 Mar 2011

In February, our five passionate and enthusiastic Youth Advocates set off on the trip of a lifetime to see the Leprosy Mission in action in Nepal. The group spent eight days in Kathmandu visiting Leprosy Mission projects, learning about the medical and social implications of leprosy at the Mission's Anandaban Hospital and trekking through the beautiful countryside that surrounds Nepal's largest city. Read the five successful Youth Advocate Scholarship applicant bios here. Stacey Cleland Stacey

'Stigma' photo exhibition

24 Jan 2011

Auckland based photographer Michael Bradley has photographed leprosy-affected people living in some of the world's poorest communities and recently exhibited a collection of his breathtaking images at Northart Gallery in Northcote, Auckland. The exhibition was timed to coincide with World Leprosy Day which was celebrated around the globe on Sunday 30th January, and ran for two weeks. The preview, which was held on January 16, was very well attended including special guests Mr. Ataur Rahman (Hon

Youth Advocate Scholarship 2011 recipients announced

3 Jan 2011

The Leprosy Mission New Zealand is very excited to announce the five successful candidates for its 2011 Youth Advocate Scholarships. The group will travel to Nepal in February to see the Leprosy Mission's work in action (including a visit to Anandaban Hospital pictured here), and learn about the medical, social and psychological impacts of the disease. Upon their return, the participants will become active Youth Advocates in their own communities. "It was an incredibly difficult decision," says

Human rights strengthened for people affected by leprosy

3 Nov 2010

The Human Rights Council adopted the revised principles and guidelines to end discrimination against persons affected by leprosy and their family members at its 15th session that ended in Geneva on October 1.The principles declare that people affected by leprosy, and their family members, are entitled to all human rights and should not be discriminated against on the basis of having or having had leprosy. The guidelines go into detail about actions that should be taken to recognise, restore and

Become a Youth Advocate

19 Jul 2010

Can you imagine being rejected by your family and friends just because you are suffering from a curable disease? Can you imagine not being able to go to school because your classmates and teachers don't want anything to do with you? Can you imagine being so poor that you have nothing to eat? These are daily realities for thousands of leprosy-affected individuals and families around the world. Now imagine a world free from leprosy, stigma and discrimination. You can make it happen! The Leprosy

It's Time to Celebrate Our Volunteers!

21 Jun 2010

This week we are celebrating the invaluable contribution that volunteers make to our vital work with leprosy-affected individuals and their families. Every year, Volunteering New Zealand holds Volunteer Awareness Week to celebrate the countless Kiwis who selflessly give their time to good causes. This year, Volunteer Awareness week runs from 20 - 26th June and the theme is 'volunteering across the generations,' recognising the difference that all members of a family can make in their

Kiwi Families Can Make a World of Difference

25 Mar 2010

Here at the Leprosy Mission New Zealand we have been going through a process of renewal, and following an extensive organisational re-branding process we are very excited to launch our new Leprosy Mission brand to the New Zealand public. It is an exciting time for us as an organisation, with our new Executive Director, Brent Morgan, taking up the reigns last year, and our centenary celebrations fast approaching. Families are at the heart of our new brand We have come to realise that families

The Power of Family

1 Jan 2010

Today, approximately 720 people will be newly diagnosed with leprosy. This figure may seem paltry when we consider that 25,000 children die every single day from preventable causes, or that nearly 3 billion people have less than $2 a day to survive on. But the reality is, for every one person who is diagnosed, an entire family suffers - parents, children, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents - meaning that thousands of people are affected by leprosy and its consequences every day.

Prince Harry given memento of his mother's 1993 visit to Anandaban

Prince Harry received a photo album of his late mother HRH Princess Diana’s visit to the Leprosy Mission Hospital in Anandaban during his trip to Nepal. Country leader Shovakhar Kandel and Dr Indra Napit, reconstructive surgery specialist, presented the album to the prince when they met him during a reception at the British Embassy in Kathmandu. “Prince Harry resembles his mother so I also told him that it brought back fond memories of her visit to Anandaban.” Shovakhar said.

Coast Really Good Gifts Day

Thank you so much to everyone who listened to the Coast Really Good Gifts Day on Wednesday 3rd August. You and so many gave over $10,000 from 163 gifts, which will bring real hope for people affected by leprosy in some of the poorest countries in the world. Please enjoy watching this thank you video, voiced by Coast announcer Lorna Subritzky.