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Gifts for Nepal

Your gift today will bring hope to those who need it most at Anandaban Hospital.

People like Amar need to be diagnosed and cured quickly. They need the much-needed care for their wounds, to stop permanent disability robbing them of their dreams.

You can be part of a story of hope and transformation!

Gifts for Nepal

  • Bandages Bandages$25
    Your gift helps protect leprosy-caused ulcers and injuries from infection by providing fresh clean bandages.
  • Counselling Counselling$55
    A leprosy diagnosis can cause as much mental anguish as its physical impact. People affected by leprosy often face terrible discrimination and stigma. Counselling will enable counsellors to help people overcome their feelings of rejection and give them back a sense of self-worth.
  • Groundbreaking Ulcer Treatment Groundbreaking Ulcer Treatment$189
    A revolutionary affordable treatment to drastically reduce the healing period for leprosy patients like Amar. It prevents long-term disability and reduces the risk of permanent loss of limbs.
  • Research 2035 Research 2035$265
    Be part of the team researching new and innovative ways to reach the goal of No Child with Leprosy by 2035 with your gift to Research 2035. Research projects include leprosy screening tools and contact tracing innovations.
  • Pysio Physio$100
    Your gift provides 5 vital physiotherapy sessions for a leprosy-affected patient. helping to restore their movement and confidence.
  • A day in hospital Two Days in Hospital$40
    You can say to a friend or relative, "you have paid for someone to stay for a whole day in a leprosy hospital. They could never have possibly afforded this without you." Your gift will help them overcome serious disabilities and rejoin their community.
  • Cure One Cure One$432
    Transform the life of one person living in poverty, affected by leprosy. Your gift covers disease detection, treatment with medicine to cure, plus medical care where necessary such as surgery or physiotherapy. Your gift also has the power to restore that person to their community, through support, education or help with livelihood.
  • Reconstructive foot surgery Reconstructive Surgery$614
    Left untreated, leprosy can quickly lead to hands becoming clawed as Amar has experienced. Daily tasks many of us take for granted become impossible. This gift provides surgery, physio and a new lease of life.
  • A Prosthetic Limb A Prosthetic Limb$550
    Leprosy can cause a tragic cycle of disability: damaged nerves lead to injuries, burns, and infections, sometimes resulting in the loss of a limb. What an extraordinary difference your gift of a prosthetic or leg will make.