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Bougainville Healthy Communities Programme

District facilitators regularly travel to remote villages where they train and monitor village health volunteers, who are responsible for providing health education in their communities.

Volunteers raise awareness about diseases such as leprosy and malaria, identify villagers who are ill, and refer people to district health clinics for diagnosis and treatment.


Since the project began, more than 2,500 village health volunteers and 2,100 village leaders have received training on community health development, leadership and governance.

Working with trained health volunteers and leaders in the communities, BHCP has been successfully implementing a preventative health model, which focusing on empowering Ward Governments in their delivery of health outcomes.

This has been achieved through a long-standing partnership with the Bougainville Department of Health and the Department of Community Government.

Through the implementation of the Preventative Health model, the programme aims to grow, and strengthen, healthy, inclusive, and sustainable communities in Bougainville.

BHCP has made a significant impact in health and leadership governance sectors in recent years. The Bougainville Healthy Communities Programme is very well-known and valued throughout Bougainville.

"Most proud – people concerned about their health, village beautification, the mindset change….. I heard some people comment on how there was a lack of mosquitoes. This project is bringing people up to a higher standard of living. I feel involved, the project encourages participation. I have learnt and built up my capacity," says Lilian, District Facilitators in Bougainville.

The impact of the project is expected to grow, the changes in community behaviours will continue to bed in, and the project activities in each village will continue to develop, as has already been happening in many villages.