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Global Day of Prayer 2023

Join us in prayer on Wednesday 10 May!

Register Here 

For the third year in a row, we are inviting you to join Christians across the world to pray for a world without leprosy on 10 May 2023.
Together we will pray for the work of The Leprosy Mission worldwide, with a particular focus on the new Global Strategy, which will drive the work of The Leprosy Mission in the years to come, as we work for a world without leprosy.
We will hear from teams across the world about their vision for the future, as well as the challenges they will face and the innovations they are working on. We will bring all of this before the Lord and wait to hear His calling for our new strategy.

 On the Day of Prayer, we will: 

  • Acknowledge God as Jehovah Jirah, as our provider.
  • Bring the prayers and petitions of TLM Members to the wider Global Fellowship.
  • Wait upon God and listened to what He is saying to the Global Fellowship.
  • Be encouraged by hearing what God is doing across the Global Fellowship

Like the Day of Prayer in previous years, the day itself will include international prayer services that will be held over Zoom.

Please register for The Leprosy Mission's Global Day of Prayer: Service One (05:00 UK Time) – which is 04:00 PM Auckland, Wellington Time.

Register Here  

Please enjoy watching these videos and learn more about the vision behind the Global Day of Prayer 2023!