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Annual appeal
18 Jul 12

"Lift up the hands that hang down"

Kamless's arm became weak and clawed. Only when the damage was done, was leprosy recognised.

With it came the old fears. Kamless was told his leprosy was a curse due to sin; a common misconception.

With his body already afflicted, that old myth could have broken his heart - but Kamless found out about the Leprosy Mission's hospital in Muzaffarpur.

There he was told the truth about leprosy and was able to say "It's not due to sin. It is caused by a bacteria."

Kamless knows the truth! Help us share that truth in the last poor corners where leprosy still threatens.

Help us teach families how to protect their children from leprosy and how to spot the first signs of infection.

Help us administer the Multi-Drug Therapy that will eradicate the disease from even malnourished young bodies like Kamless's.

If physical damage is done, help us perform reconstructive surgery and rehabilitation.

Kamless and the last poor generation of children to face leprosy need your help to "lift up the hands that hang down and strengthen the feeble knees." They can't do it alone.

So please, give generously to help those the world has forgotten. Celebrate an amazing century, by making this our best Annual Appeal in 100 years.

YES!  I want to strengthen children like Kamless.