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Running 4 Rights 2012
22 Aug 12

Every year a team of runners and walkers, known as the Running 4 Rights team, participates in the Auckland Marathon to raise awareness and project funding for people affected by leprosy. 

Click here to find out more on joining this years Running 4 Rights team.

This year we invited people from all across the country (not just Auckland) to get involved in Running 4 Rights. They chose to run/walk/swim/cycle in their local fun run, marathon, triathlon or any other event you think fits the bill. If you are interested in setting up a Running 4 Rights team in your community (or you may even want to go solo!) contact Gillian today.
As a member of the Leprosy Mission's Running 4 Rights Team you will receive:
A Running 4 Rights t-shirt
A finish line revitalising pack
Help getting sponsorship
Support on the day
The wonderful feeling of satisfaction having raised awareness and project funding for individuals and families affected by leprosy!
Brent Morgan, Executive Director, holding one of our moneyboxes with Barry Magee, displaying his bronze medal for the full marathon in the 1960 Olympics. Barry used to coach Brent in the early 1990s and helped Brent get ready for his first marathon in 1999.