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Become a Youth Advocate
19 Jul 10

Can you imagine being rejected by your family and friends just because you are suffering from a curable disease? Can you imagine not being able to go to school because your classmates and teachers don't want anything to do with you? Can you imagine being so poor that you have nothing to eat? These are daily realities for thousands of leprosy-affected individuals and families around the world.

Now imagine a world free from leprosy, stigma and discrimination. You can make it happen!

The Leprosy Mission New Zealand is seeking enthusiastic young people to become advocates for the vital work we do with leprosy-affected individuals and their families. Find out more

A group of young people will be selected to visit Nepal in 2011 to see the Leprosy Mission in action, and learn about the medical, social and psychological impacts of the disease.  Upon their return, the participants will become active Youth Advocates in their own communities.

We are currently accepting applications, so if this sounds like you download an application form now.

This is an amazing opportunity to create positive change for leprosy-affected individuals and their families around the world.