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Compassion inspires dinner party support
27 Mar 14

One of our lovely supporters from Taupo organised a dinner party to raise funds for people with leprosy.

I originally intended to send my first donation of $210. Then my husband came home and told me he had invited 12 people for dinner - all the "guns" that he goes shooting with and their wives
- to celebrate the last shoot of the season.

So off I went to the supermarket and the specialty food shop and thoroughly enjoyed myself making a gourmet dinner (I did run a cooking business some years ago, so I was having fun, and, yes, showing off a bit too!). But when I looked at the receipts for all the food, I thought, WELL! If you can spend all that money just to give your friends a good evening, and not turn a hair about it, you

can certainly send the same amount to help some poor person whose hands don't work.

I am particularly sympathetic towards people with trouble with their hands because for various reasons mine have been damaged too and I have had to give up playing my clarinets for that reason.

I would like to say to you and to all the people at the Leprosy Mission how very proud and glad I am to be involved in the work of the Mission. I pray for joy and blessings for you all.

With love, Sue Gross, Taupo

Sue’s dinner party raised an additional $500, which along with her original donation of $210 totalled $710 for the Annual Appeal.