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ONESOUND festival
21 Nov 13

The inaugural winter Christian music festival, OneSound, took place on June 15th in Waikanae (half-way between Palmerston North and Wellington).

The event mainly attracts Christian university students who, for just $40, are treated to 50 bands over 12 hours (10 am – 10 pm).

New Leprosy Mission partners [shift] played at OneSound and the Leprosy Mission’s new Cure One video was also featured on the main stage. “It was a good way to raise awareness of our mission and the Cure One programme,” Brent Morgan says. “We absolutely loved every moment of OneSound. The organisers looked after every band and always kept us in the loop. There were no egos between bands, which meant we could all enjoy each other’s company. The whole experience was very uplifting and for a great cause. We would play there again in a heartbeat.”