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Cure, care and restore leprosy-affected families' lives by purchasing our books online.

Purchasing these books from Leprosy Mission New Zealand helps to transform the lives of individuals and their families affected by leprosy. Your support is valued.

Whether it is for a birthday, wedding gift, thank you gift or to encourage someone who is going through a tough time, buying a book enables us to reach out to so many of the world’s poorest communities in all the various countries that we work in.

Eddie Askew's books are also available; he is one of the UK’s best-selling Christian authors and illustrator of his own books. He has over 900,000 books in print. 

Browse through our catalogue and you'll find great books for all sorts of occasions listed below.

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  • Alfie A Friend For Life Alfie A Friend For Life$30

    Rachel Wells

    Alfie is everyone’s favourite cat. A big ball of grey fur who changes the lives of every family he meets. Alfie is firm friends with the Clover family – especially eight-year-old Stanley Clover and his sister Viola. But he’s still a bit upset when he accidentally falls asleep in the back of the Clovers’ van and unexpectedly finds himself far from home on their family holiday.
  • Chestnut Street Chestnut Street$35

    Maeve Binchy

    A short story collection by the Irish author Maeve Binchy. There is kindness, wisdom and insight into human nature. Each story centers around a different resident or family living on or connected to Chestnut Street in Dublin.
  • Daily Strength for Daily needs Daily Strength for Daily needs$35

    Mary Wilder Tileston

    This little book of brief selections in prose and verse, with accompanying texts of Scripture, is intended for a daily companion and counselor. These words of the goodly fellowship of wise and holy men of many times, it is hoped may help to strengthen the reader to perform the duties and to bear the burdens of each day with cheerfulness and courage.
  • Hope for Each Day Hope for Each Day$40

    Billy Graham

    From the look of the cheerful cover this book will definitely put a smile on your face. The late Billy Graham has sold millions of books but he has written this book especially for youngsters! These 365 Devotions offer encouraging stories and biblical truths in child-friendly language. Ideal for parents and children to read together, one page a day, enabling the whole family to spend time with God daily
  • Where I Am Where I Am$35

    Billy Graham

    In Where I am Billy Graham invites and strongly encourages all of us to contemplate our eternal hope. After his 95 birthday Mr Graham proclaimed “When I die, tell others that I’ve gone to my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ – that’s where I am.” In this book Mr Graham shares from his past, his then present, and the reality of eternity.
  • God Gave Me You God Gave Me You$35

    Tricia Seaman with Diane Nichols

    A true story of love, loss and a Heaven-Sent Miracle. A single mother with terminal cancer and a nurse she'd met in the oncology ward; neither could have imagined the miracles God had in store.
  • Wisdom for the Way Wisdom for the Way$25

    Charles R. Swindoll

    Few know the topic of wisdom as well as bestselling author and Pastor Charles Swindoll. For years, he has been haring his ‘insights for living’ on the radio. Wisdom for the way contains many of Charles most classic insights into daily readings. Most are from Proverbs that Charles has put together especially for busy people.
  • Diana: Her True Story - In Her Own Words Diana: Her True Story - In Her Own Words$38

    Andrew Morton

    An icon in life, a legend in death, Diana continues to exert a fascination even twenty years after that terrible night in Paris. In this fully revised volume of his groundbreaking biography, Morton presents the new material from the astonishing tapes and goes on to consider her legacy and relevance to the royal family today.
  • Swimming against the tide Swimming against the tide$22

    Catherine Mackenzie

    Joni Eareckson Tada is a well-known Christian speaker and author from America. When she was a teenager, young as she was, dived into the water and had a tragic accident. She became a quadriplegic and this dramatically changed her life. Healing did not take place for her but Joni’s ongoing work for many with a disability is a miracle in itself.
  • The Message - The Book of Psalms The Message - The Book of Psalms$22

    Eugene Peterson

    Stop tiptoeing around in fear of offending God. With him, there are no secrets. Animate your prayers with the depth and honesty of your whole heart - from joy and awe to shame, fear, and even inconsolable rage. This book will show you how Eugene's fresh rendering of this ancient book of prayers reveals how, like a child with a parent, people have always come to God - and God invites you to do the same.
  • Unlikely Friendships Unlikely Friendships$30

    Jennifer S. Holland

    Written by National Geographic this book documents one heartwarming tales with a number of animals including a cat, a bird, an elephant and a sheep. With friendship and support life changes for the family pets.
  • Birthday Blessings Birthday Blessings$20
    This is a splendid collection of birthday blessings, Bible verses and short prayers, all illustrated with stunning photos of God’s amazing creation. A perfect present for a special friend or relative.
  • Jess the Lonely Puppy Jess the Lonely Puppy$17

    Holly Webb

    When Chloe’s big brother Will breaks his leg, he is stuck in hospital for weeks. Mum and Dad are frantic and there is no one to look after Will’s Border collie puppy, Jess. Jess is miserable and lonely and so is Chloe. But the problem is Chloe doesn’t really like dogs, and Jess only wants Will. Can the 2 of them ever be friends?
  • Shedloads of Blessings Shedloads of Blessings$20
    Some health experts claim that a well-appointed garden shed might help us to live longer, since there are real benefits to having a tailor-made refuge right on the back doorstep! This splendid gift book combines fantastic photos, uplifting Bible verses and encouraging blessings with a selection of fun facts about sheds. The ideal book for those special friends who deserve Shedloads of Blessings.
  • The gift of hope The gift of hope$20

    Anne Rogers

    With inspiring photos and encouraging text, Anne Rogers suggests that when we label a situation 'hopeless', we're in danger of slamming the door in the face of our amazing God who gives us hope. The Gift of Hope reminds us that when life seems to be closing in on us, God is only ever a prayer away. He never leaves us and nothing can separate us from His immense love.
  • Alfie The Doorstep Cat & A Dog Called Hope Alfie The Doorstep Cat & A Dog Called Hope$50
    Purchase two great reads (Alfie The Doorstep Cat & A Dog Called Hope) for a bargain price.
  • A wonderful collection of stunning photos, prayers and Bible verses A wonderful collection of stunning photos, prayers and Bible verses$40
    Purchase all three books (Just to say... Enjoy your Special Day, Just to say... Thank You, and God Bless You) for a bargain price.
  • The Wicked Wit of Prince Philip The Wicked Wit of Prince Philip$35

    Karen Dolby

    Since the Duke of Edinburgh married Princess Elizabeth in 1947, his wit (and the occasional 'gaffe') has continued to endear him to everyone he meets. The Prince says what he thinks. This book celebrates his wry humour and supremely wicked wit.
  • The Wicked Wit of Queen Elizabeth II The Wicked Wit of Queen Elizabeth II$35

    Karen Dolby

    Revealing an aspect of the Queen's personality that the Public rarely see, this book is a timely celebration of the Queen's whimsical side, including queenly quips as well as stories from the rest of the family and prime quotes from the inimitable Prince Philip.
  • William's Story William's Story$20

    Beverley Cross

    Beverley is one of our supporters who joined our Supporter Tour to India in 2016. She brought William along, they visited Leprosy Mission Hospitals, training centres, community development programmes and had the chance to meet the locals. This is not only a story about one teddy bear's journey to India; it is also the story of a woman of incredible faith, who kept alive a dream that she had nurtured for well over 50 years.
  • Nuggets from God for Godly Living Nuggets from God for Godly Living$25

    Dolly Holland

    A daily devotional for one year. Inspirational thoughts received by the author during her daily Bible reading and prayer time with the Lord. Coupled with the thought is a scripture reference to look up that goes along with the thought for the day.
  • Just to say Thank You Just to say Thank You$20
    If you want to thank a close friend for their help and kindness, then this is the ideal book. Packed with wise words, quotes and verses and illustrated with inspiring photos of God's wonderful creation - this is the perfect present for someone who deserves an extra special Thank You! I can no other answer make but thanks, and thanks, and ever thanks... William Shakespeare.
  • Service Tails Service Tails$30

    Ace Collins

    Inspiring canines whose entire lives are wrapped in the banner of service. Their stories are remarkable and beautifully illustrate for us the value of vision and teamwork, devotion to duty, and unconditional love and acceptance - stretching how we perceive both canine and human potential.
  • Hope and Happiness Hope and Happiness$14

    John Roughley

    The writer, John Roughley, in the past 25 years has travelled thousands of miles by car, boat, plane, train, truck and rickshaw visiting many different countries as part of his work with The Leprosy Mission. God has been with John each step of the journey. This book offers 25 thoughts and anecdotes of courageous folk he has met; people whose life stories might also encourage you in your own walk with God.
  • The Cat on My Lap The Cat on My Lap$25

    Callie Smith Grant

    Our cats are more than pets. In this charming collection of true stories, you will find cats of all shapes, sizes, and demeanours. Each of them has played an important part in the lives of their humans. You'll meet a scrawny kitten who helps an anorexic girl get well, a selfless mother cat who gives up their kitten to a little boy who needs a friend, and many more ordinary and extraordinary felines.
  • The Dog at My Feet The Dog at My Feet$30

    Callie Smith Grant

    In this heartwarming collection of true stories, you will meet many dogs - some big, some small, some rambunctious, and some serene. Each of them has played an important part in the lives of their humans. You'll meet a three-legged survivor who helps heal a broken family, a funny mutt who brings laughter to a house filled with anxiety, and many more ordinary and extraordinary canines.
  • Lost & Found Lost & Found$20

    Paul O'Grady

    True Tales of Love and Rescue from Battersea Dogs & Cats Home. Touching, often funny and heart-breaking but always bringing you close to tears, the stories in Lost & Found tell of the unbreakable bond between us and our four-legged friends.
  • Felix - the Railway Cat Felix - the Railway Cat$30

    Kate Moore

    Full of funny and heartwarming stories, this book is the remarkable tale of close-knit Yorkshire community and its amazing bond with a very special cat. 'The purrfect railway cat'
  • Angels – God’s secret agents Angels – God’s secret agents$34

    Billy Graham

    'Millions of angels are at God's command and at our service'; writes Billy Graham in a book that he describes as 'one of the most fascinating studies of my life.' In this book, he explores all the biblical descriptions of angels and the role they play in our lives. Angels are a very real source of comfort and strength for many people today.
  • Moments of peace in the presence of God for couples Moments of peace in the presence of God for couples$20
    This book offers inspiring psalms and meditation to guide couples in this most sacred of relationships. You'll grow closer as a couple as you turn to the Source of Love who joined you together; from the beginning.
  • Alfie - The Doorstep Cat Alfie - The Doorstep Cat$30

    Rachel Wells

    Alfie is homeless and abandoned but when he stumbles on to Edgar Road he knows he's found his new home. The street's residents don't agree. But as life throws its worst at the residents, they soon realise how much they all need Alfie - a cat who brings hope in the darkest times and who will always be a friend to those in need.
  • What did I come upstairs for? What did I come upstairs for?$22

    Judith Merrell & Anna Caddy

    A light-hearted look at the joys and perils of growing older and not necessarily wiser. This splendid compilation of warm-hearted thoughts, witty quips and quotes and super photos, all combined with Bible verses and short prayers, will leave you with something to think and smile about as you muddle your way through the day ahead!
  • A Prayer for a Friend A Prayer for a Friend$21
    Let your friends know how much they mean to you, and that you are praying that God will bless every single aspect of their lives, in particular their spiritual, mental and physical health, strength and wellbeing.
  • Call Me Diana Call Me Diana$26

    Nigel Cawthorne

    Until her tragic death in 1997 at the age of 36, Diana frequently gave interviews and shared her thoughts with many people. In this fresh portrait of Diana on her own life, Cawthorne gathers her most salient words from the very first till the very last - some known, some forgotten. They show a remarkable woman whose struggles, passion and compassion, compassion, continue to inspire two decades later.
  • Finding God in the Psalms Finding God in the Psalms$35

    Tom Wright

    Sing, pray, live. This book will be of enormous help to Christians who want to know how to make fuller use of one of the greatest scriptural resources for prayer. A characteristic blend of learning, personal insight and spiritual perception.
  • God’s Wisdom for your worries God’s Wisdom for your worries$20
    When your heart is weighed down with worry, remember that God knows exactly what you are going through and He cares about your situation. Whatever problem you face, the Bible has some helpful words and wise advice.
  • Safe in the Shepherd's Arms Safe in the Shepherd's Arms$30

    Max Lucado

    With this Psalm of comfort, you can release your burdens, cast away your fears, and rest safely in the Shepherd's arms. When you have the shepherd, you have everything you need.
  • Thank Heavens for Dogs Thank Heavens for Dogs$25

    Compiled by Judith Merrell

    There's no doubt about it - dogs enrich our lives in the best possible way! They teach u all about unconditional love, loyalty and forgiveness and lift our spirits when everyone else fails. This delightful gift book is full of p-awesome photos, quips, quotes and Bible verses celebrating all things canine.
  • The Gift of Peace The Gift of Peace$20

    Anne Rogers

    We all need moments of peace - in troubled times or just to escape the hustle and bustle of our daily lives. This reassuring book reminds us that we only have to ask and our ever-present God will reach out a calming hand to help and guide us.
  • The God Walk The God Walk$15

    Anna Johnstone

    Imagination is one of the greatest gifts God has given us. Without it there'd be no music, no poetry, no painting. This book offers word pictures that bring to life thoughts. read, and be encouraged and strengthened as you way the Way. Bible verses for each reading.
  • A Little Book of Comfort A Little Book of Comfort$17
    Thoughts and blessings for tough times. A special compilation of photos, prayers, quotes and Bible verses to reassure and strengthen all those facing tough times or challenging situations.
  • Has anyone seen my glasses? Has anyone seen my glasses?$22

    Judith Merrell & Anna Caddy

    Muddle-age - that time in life when you feel a sense of triumph if you can remember what you went upstairs for without first having to go back downstairs. In this joyful, hope-filled sequel to the best-selling What did I come upstairs for? You'll discover a fresh collection of encouraging thoughts and prayers, plus humorous quips and quotes on the antics and adventures of growing older but not necessarily wiser.
  • How Great is our God How Great is our God$20

    Pat Lomax

    Each bible-based thought focuses on a different aspect of God's character, such as His creativity, His wisdom, His provision, His compassion, His protection and His love. Pat's thoughts and photos will encourage and uplift you, and inspire you to look again at God's wonderful creation - a constant, magnificent reminder that God is great.
  • Illuminating Ourselves Illuminating Ourselves$20
    Illuminating Ourselves is a collection of stories, poems, photos and art by people of many abilities from all over the world. Every page tells a story of survival and suffering, of self-growth and self-actualisation.
  • Seeking The Lighthouse Seeking The Lighthouse$22

    Wendy Grant

    In life, there are times when fog descends and God seems far away, this might be the result of depression, redundancy, the loss of a loved one, a broken relation-ship or similar. This book will encourage and reassure anyone who is finding it hard to discern God's presence in their life and will guide them towards the discovery that God has been there all the time.
  • Thank Heavens for Cats Thank Heavens for Cats$25

    Compiled by Judith Merrell

    Even the smallest kitten is a masterpiece of God's creation. Cats make wonderful companions, great therapists and purr-fect friends. They have a special way of filling a hole in our lives that we didn't even realise we had. This charming gift book is full of ins-purr-ational photos, quips, quotes and Bible verses celebrating all things feline.