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  • Alfie A Friend For Life Alfie A Friend For Life$30

    Rachel Wells

    Alfie is everyone’s favourite cat. A big ball of grey fur who changes the lives of every family he meets. Alfie is firm friends with the Clover family – especially eight-year-old Stanley Clover and his sister Viola. But he’s still a bit upset when he accidentally falls asleep in the back of the Clovers’ van and unexpectedly finds himself far from home on their family holiday.
  • Blessing For Your Baby Blessing For Your Baby$20
    The ideal book for customers requiring a gift for a dedication or christening or simply to welcome a newborn baby. This carefully chosen collection of photos, prayers, and Bible verses reminds the reader just how much God loves and cherishes each precious newborn child and highlights that our Father in heaven knows each baby by name.
  • To a Lovely Mother To a Lovely Mother$28

    Helen Exley mini gift book

    A collection of some of the nicest things ever said about mothers... ‘A mother is the person you need when absolutely no one else will do.’ Pam Brown. ‘Mothers were put on earth to care for kids.’ Sam, age 7.
  • You Are Beloved You Are Beloved$35

    Bobby Schuller

    Are you ever concerned that you don’t deserve to love and be loved because you are continually having to prove yourself? In You Are Beloved, Bobby Schuller shows you how to let go of these fears and put your trust in the One who sees you for who you really are. Here is an easy to follow, proven path to personal dignity for all those who think they are not good enough no matter how
  • My love for you Bloomfields My love for you Bloomfields
    Wish that special someone in your life a lovely Valentine's Day with this card featuring the illustration of Ashley Bloomfields (we received his consent!)