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Chandni's story

Living in poverty is very hard and when leprosy is thrown into the mix it can become impossible. Chandni found herself in this situation when she was just 11 years old. Now, she is 17 years old and her health has drastically improved with the help of surgery and physiotherapy to correct the clawing in her hands. Chandni has also been gifted a Really Good Gift of a Residential Scholarship for a computer course where accommodation and all living expenses are paid for, for a year.

Thanks to people like you, her young life has been completely transformed.

Please enjoy watching this short video to find out how your support has completely changed her life over the last 6 years.


"Thank you to everyone supporting me. Thank you for encouraging me. My life is very nice and happy," She says.

Miracles like this are only possible because of people like you. I hope you know how important you are to us and the people of India. Thank you. 

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