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Detection and Diagonsis

Early detection and diagnosis of leprosy is vital to our mission, because if treatment with multi-drug therapy is started early enough, long-term disability can be completely avoided.

We run awareness-raising programmes in leprosy-affected areas to educate individuals, families and communities about the signs and symptoms of the disease.

A vital part of these programmes is the training of community volunteers who take responsibility for identifying new cases in their villages.

We also educate local health workers, doctors, nurses, paramedics, rural medical practitioners, and family planning staff about leprosy so they can identify cases and refer people for treatment as quickly as possible.

To be effective we must reach as many leprosy-affected people as we can as quickly as possible. That is why we also work with governments to ensure that leprosy detection, diagnosis, and treatment are given priority within the public health system.

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What We Do

  • Where We Work

    Where We Work

    We work in some of the poorest and remote areas in the world.
  • Health and Disability Care

    Health and Disability Care

    Every year, thousands of people are diagnosed with leprosy, and we provide multi-drug therapy and expert medical care to people affected by the disease.
  • Community Development and Advocacy

    Community Development and Advocacy

    We know that we can prevent leprosy and minimise its impact by addressing extreme poverty. That's why community development is at the core of our work.
  • Emergency Response

    Emergency Response

    In any disaster, it is the poorest and most marginalised people that suffer the most. Although disaster relief is not a core area of our work, we respond when we can, often working in partnership with other organisations to distribute emergency aid.