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The Leprosy Mission began working in India in 1874, and The Leprosy Mission New Zealand works predominantly in two regions of India: Muzaffarpur and Faizabad.

Over half of the world's new leprosy patients live in India.

Salur Hospital in Andhra Pradesh is a 60-bed facility and one of the 14 hospitals operated by The Leprosy Mission Trust India serving the needs of people affected by leprosy and local communities.

A comprehensive range of in and out-patient care is provided by a dedicated team of medical, nursing and ancillary health specialists including reconstructive surgery, ulcer care and reaction management.

Prevention of impairment and disability is addressed through patient education, physiotherapy, pre-fabricated splints and micro-cellular rubber protective footwear.

As part of the Children Unite for Action programme, the Leprosy Mission assists in meeting the educational needs of children and youth in communities affected by leprosy. Over the course of five years, the project will work with 1,200 young boys and girls affected by leprosy & other disabilities and ensure these children have the necessary skills and knowledge to access quality education and attain the desired careers.

Mobile Clinics in India

The Leprosy Mission Trust India’s mobile clinic is a lifeline – visiting the slum areas on a weekly basis, it provides not only medical care, but an opportunity for people to speak with the medical professionals and receive pastoral care.
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Vocational Training Centres in India

VTCs teach a variety of courses including banking and insurance, nursing, computer programming... etc. These courses focus on providing students with hands-on training, which leads to a nationally recognised qualification.
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Abeer's Cure One Journey

Thanks to kind supporters like you, Abeer was able to complete his full course of medications and is now cured of leprosy.
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Bringing Hope and Joy

Munna is so grateful to people like you for giving Allu a pair of protective sandals. It was the best Christmas present they could possibly receive!
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