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Early detection works miracles

Praise the Lord! Because of early detection, Lavu has not developed any disability or noticeable problems.

Lauv Lauv was only 4 years old when he first developed white patches on his face. It is devastating to see a young and innocent child suffering from leprosy.

Thankfully - with help from Robert Kauga, a Village Health Volunteer, Lavu Lauv was transferred to the local Health Facility to be examined by the Health Worker.

Lauv Lauv was given a six-month course of multi-drug therapy, the cure for leprosy, and his progress was monitored by Robert.

By completing the treatment and receiving care and support from Robert and the Leprosy Mission, Lauv Lauv is now completely cured of leprosy.

Praise the Lord! Because of early detection, Lavu has not developed any disability or noticeable problems. 

He is able to go to school and play with his friends. There is so much to celebrate! 

Working together in the future

Because of your ongoing support, the Leprosy Mission has been working alongside with the community work in PNG for years. The impact of the work has impressed the New Zealand Government and recently they agreed to continue funding to the Leprosy Mission.

This means we are able to continue our project in PNG, train more Village Health Volunteers and reach out to more innocent children like Lavu, to give them a brighter future. We are also starting a new income generation project and we can’t wait to share this success with you.

Together we can make sure no one is missing out on the cure for leprosy. Thank you for your continued support and trust in us.

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Papua New Guinea

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