Map of Addis Ababa in EthiopiaThe Leprosy Mission New Zealand works in partnership with a local grassroots leprosy organisation called ENAPAL (Ethiopian National Association of People Affected by Leprosy).

ENAPAL's vision is a stigma-free society without isolation or discrimination, and for over 12 years the Leprosy Mission New Zealand has helped them work towards this. ENAPAL has more than 15,000 members, most of whom are directly affected by leprosy.  A major goal of ENAPAL is to integrate people affected by leprosy, and their families, into mainstream society where they are fully accepted.

"This partnership, which has been benefiting thousands of persons affected by leprosy in Ethiopia, has transformed ENAPAL in to a well-recognised grassroots membership association.'" Excerpt from ENAPAL's magazine 'The Truth'.

A mother and her son with their herd of goatsOver the years the Leprosy Mission New Zealand has worked with ENAPAL in five key areas:

  • Educational support grants for children affected by leprosy. 
  • Helping them grow as an organisation so they can reach out to more leprosy-affected people, their families and their communities.
  • Increasing community awareness of the causes and consequences of leprosy.
  • Supporting leprosy-affected communities through the provision of safe housing, clean water and sanitation
  • Providing income generation opportunities for leprosy-affected people and their families. Read about the Grain Mills Project.