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Scholarship FAQs

Hope you will find this helpful, if you have any more questions please feel free to contact us.


I do not have a current passport. Can I apply for my passport after I know if I am a successful Scholarship recipient?

If you are travelling on a NZ passport there should be adequate time between Scholarship recipients are announced (early November) and travel (early February). If you are travelling on any other passport and need to update NZ visa, then you should allow more time. 

Running 4 Rights

Can I take part in the Auckland Marathon?

Yes you can. The event opened for registrations in April and we are more than happy for you to participate in any event from the 5km to the full-marathon. Our team name is Running4Rights, however if you miss this step when registering just email Hannah to be added to the team (

What do I do if there are no marathon events in my area?

You do not need to enter a major event and there are often smaller local fun walk/run events that are available or other events for cycling, swimming etc. This is an opportunity to get actively involved to raise awareness and funding – be creative.

If there are absolutely no options for Running 4 Rights, you can fundraise through other activities such as a sausage sizzle, garage sale, market stall etc we have had applicants sell clothes through Trade Me to raise funds and another who organised a mid-winter Christmas event.

Can I still apply while I decide how to fundraise?

Yes, complete your application by 5th October and you have until the first week of November to complete your fundraising challenge.

Can my event be later in November?

Yes, some applicants are participating in events out of Auckland later in November, however the fundraising challenge needs to be completed by 1st November.

Can I only have online sponsorship on my everydayhero page?

If you are fundraising through other activities you can add these amounts on to your everydayhero page as an offline amount and bank the funds directly to BNZ: 02 0264 0029018 06 (some banks have 3 digits 006).  Please make sure you add your name and R4R (or other fundraising event) to ensure we allocate these funds to your efforts.

How will Leprosy Mission support my off-line fundraising?

You can be provided with an off-line sponsorship form for names and amounts to be collected and then bank these donations to 02 0264 0029018 06 (or 006) with your name and R4R (or other fundraising event).

We can provide you with a letter of endorsement confirming that you are raising funds for the Leprosy Mission’s work.

You can ask for copies of our inTouch magazine or to create flyers or posters in support of your activity.

Contact Hannah on


Does it matter if I have not travelled previously?

No. The questions on the application regarding travel simply provide LMNZ with information about the travel experience of the group to enable sufficient resources and preparation support for the Scholarship recipients.

What do I do if my Semester starts early and clashes with the timing of this travel?

Travel to witness the work of the Mission is a unique experience for many people of your age and Uni Course Coordinators have been flexible in their approach to enable students to maximise on this opportunity.

Please contact Hannah ( for more detailed tour information to provide to your university decision makers.


Can I apply if I am turning 24 years in 2020?

Contact Gillian as you may still be able to apply as long as you are a tertiary student and not working full time in 2020.

What happens if I am not sure of my tertiary plans for 2020?

You can apply and advise LMNZ later of your tertiary plans for 2020. However you will need to have confirmed your plans by November 2019.

Health and Safety

What are the health risks in Asia?

As with any travel in developing countries, there are manageable health risks in travelling to Asia. Scholarship recipients are provided with comprehensive information for vaccinations before travel and medical supplies during travel.

We are based close to Leprosy Mission Hospitals with fully qualified general medicine staff.

What are the leprosy health risks?

Over 95% of the world’s population has immunity to the leprosy bacteria. We will be meeting with people affected by leprosy who have already started their course of medication and are not infectious.

What action is taken in an emergency?

The Scholarship recipients are accompanied by two senior members of LMNZ staff who are experienced travellers in this region.

In the case of an emergency for an individual, decisions will be made in conjunction with the individual, their family and senior local staff.

In the case of an emergency for the group, decisions will be made in conjunction with senior local staff.

Further information:

Contact Hannah at or call 09 6311802.

Apply today by filling out the online application form

Youth Advocate Scholarship

  • What to expect

    What to expect

    Immerse yourself in the local culture, share the life stories of people affected by leprosy and Leprosy Mission staff.
  • Application Criteria

    Application Criteria

    If you are a tertiary student and have a heart for mission, this is an amazing opportunity for you!