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Leprosy causes irreversible nerve damage, leading to life-limiting disabilities and severe deformities. Wounds that won't heal leave malnourished bodies open to lethal infections. Age-old fears and stigma about leprosy leave children friendless and families shunned from communities that cannot overcome leprosy on their own. Without help, the lives of children like Sameer, Maya, and Yahrah are just a shadow of all they could be.

What Can I Do?

I can Cure

Throughout human history, leprosy could never be cured. That was why it was feared all other diseases. Now you can cure it. Help us find the remote pockets where leprosy still exists.

Donate and cure now

I Can Care

Help provide the care people with leprosy cannot provide for themselves, including: assistive and prosthetic devices; physiotherapy; surgery; hospital care; trauma counselling; and protective wear such as padded sandals.

Donate and care now

I Can Restore

Leprosy destroys lives, but you can help restore them, through education, job training and livelihood opportunities

Donate and restore now
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Haere Mai from Gillian

Welcome to you from Te Mihana Tūwhenua o Aotearoa, the Leprosy Mission New Zealand. Many people don’t know that leprosy still exists, this ancient grief, this biblical disease still destroys lives. Our mission is to stop it. Forever.

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Hear from supporters like you

"As a Christian... I believe I should use what I have to share... it is wonderful that the Leprosy Mission is reaching out being the hands of Jesus," says Mary.

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Lisa from Papua New Guinea

Together, let's stop leprosy in PNG, so children like Lisa can be born and raised without fear of this dreadful disease.

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Youth advocates on top of the world

Young Kiwis in Kathmandu for a ministry experience of a lifetime to Nepal