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Kiwi Families Can Make a World of Difference
25 Mar 10

Here at the Leprosy Mission New Zealand, we have been going through a process of renewal, and following an extensive organisational re-branding process, we are very excited to launch our new Leprosy Mission brand to the New Zealand public. It is an exciting time for us as an organisation, with our new Executive Director, Brent Morgan, taking up the reigns last year, and our centenary celebrations fast approaching.

Families are at the heart of our new brand

We have come to realise that families are at the heart of our mission - both the families here in New Zealand who give so generously to our vital work and the families around the world who are affected by the causes and consequences of leprosy. That's why we have re-branded - we want families to be at the core of everything we do!

'Of course, we have always known that leprosy is not just about individuals - it affects entire families' says Brent Morgan, Executive Director of Leprosy Mission New Zealand.

'But we have really come to realise the important role that Kiwi families can play in eradicating the causes and consequences of leprosy. That's why we have made changes to our brand - we want to engage with entire families, not just with individuals. We really believe that Kiwi families can make a world of difference in the lives of leprosy-affected families.'

We are also pleased to announce that we have renewed our commitment to eradicating the causes and consequences of leprosy within our lifetimes. We know it is possible!  We have achieved so much and are now looking forward to the final push. We hope Kiwis and their families will choose to join us on our vital mission.

An easy to support our work is to purchase a Really Good Gift. Each Really Good Gift is used to cure, treat and rebuild the lives of people and families affected by leprosy. They are available here Or, why not download our new-look magazine and read about our work.