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Youth Advocate Scholarship 2013 recipients announced
6 Feb 13

Join us in welcoming our 2013 Leprosy Mission New Zealand Youth Advocates!

Cameron Dyer

“I am in the second year of my Bachelor of Medicine degree at the University of Auckland.  I am originally from Whangarei, where my family still lives. My home church is Whangarei Central Baptist church where I still help out with youth groups when I am home. When I am in Auckland I attend St Paul’s Anglican Church, there is a strong Christian base at university with the Christian Medical Fellowship (CMF) and I consider myself very blessed to have a hand in it. It is entirely possible to eradicate leprosy and I am so glad to be a part of it.”

Kit Haines

“I am in my third year of a double degree in Law and Arts with a history major, I am currently studying at the University of Auckland. I grew up in West Harbour, Auckland and my home church are Westgate Baptist Church. I enjoy singing in my spare time and I also play the guitar. I am excited about becoming an ambassador for Leprosy Mission NZ and look forward to my involvement with the five other Youth Advocates.”

Rachel Heslop

“I am originally from Nelson where I grew up and when I am home I attend Richmond New Life Church. I am currently in the second year of my Bachelor of Medicine degree at the University of Auckland. While I am studying in Auckland I attend Greenlane Christian centre and am also involved in the Christian Medical Fellowship (CMF) at the University of Auckland. From a young age I have always been interested in third world countries and what I could do to make a change and help those in need – that’s why I became a doctor.”

Dylan Kimpton

“I am originally from Hamilton where I grew up and when I am home I attend Horsham Downs Community Church. When I am in Auckland I attend Hillsborough Baptist Church, I am a part of the worship team and play the electric guitar most Sundays. I am currently studying and am in the second year of my Bachelor of Medicine degree at the University of Auckland. I am passionate about Jesus and am currently living in a Christian hostel. I want to become a missionary in the future and want to see what kind of things I can do in developing countries with my medical degree.”

Harriet Judd

“I grew up in Wellington and am currently in my first year of Bachelor of Nursing degree at Victoria University of Wellington. I am very involved in the life of Tawa Baptist Church where I am a youth leader for college-aged students. I went into my nursing degree with a long term goal to help those in need, wherever that may be. I know being a Youth Advocate is a great opportunity to help me decide where I am most needed after I have finished my degree. “

Ivan Robertson

“I am originally from Hamilton where I grew up and when I am home I attend Horsham Downs Community Church. Since moving to Auckland I have been attending Eden Community church near my hostel. I want to use my medical degree in the third world when I graduate so being a part of the Youth Advocate Scholarship programme is life-changing and will allow me to witness the consequences of leprosy first-hand.”

Video: Introducing the 2013 Leprosy Mission New Zealand Youth Advocates


The Youth Advocate Scholarship programme was established in 2010 and gives youth the opportunity to witness the work of Leprosy Mission NZ and experience the causes and consequences of leprosy up close and personal. Each year, we select five to six full-time students to become ambassadors for Leprosy Mission NZ and raise awareness and funds for our vital work overseas after they come back from their life-changing mission trip.

This year we had applications from all over the country, from Northland to Southland. All of our passionate applicants were involved in raising awareness and funding for projects in leprosy-affected communities overseas. All participants also joined our Running 4 Rights team and completed events around NZ. The Auckland-based applicants took part in the Auckland Marathon, while applicants outside of Auckland City participated in the North Shore Half Marathon, Wellington Pelorus Trust 10km and Whangarei Half Marathon. We also had our first triathlon participant in a Try a Tri Panasonic People’s Triathalon in Auckland.  

Overall, the applicants helped to fundraise over $18,000 for the Leprosy Mission's work with leprosy-affected families in the six countries we work in. We were so delighted with all the efforts of all our participants and it was a hard choice, but the decision had to be made.

The group of six selected students will travel to Nepal in early 2013 to witness Leprosy Mission's work in action and learn about the medical, social and psychological impacts of the disease. Read more here about our past two Youth Advocate trips.

… If you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, 'Move from here to there' and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you." – Matthew 17:20 NIV

If you would like more information about the Youth Advocate Scholarship or would like a Youth Advocate to come and talk to your local Church, Youth Group or High School please contact Gillian Whitley on 0800 862 873 or