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Since 1999, the Leprosy Mission New Zealand has been supporting the development of a successful community health programme in Bougainville.

The Leprosy Mission New Zealand works alongside the Ministry of Health, the Autonomous Bougainville Government and other rehabilitation agencies in Papua New Guinea in detecting leprosy and improving health practices in rural communities. 

The Bougainville Healthy Communities Programme is designed to encourage a community-based and owned primary health system. The programme has been established in twelve of the thirteen districts in Bougainville.

The results to date have impressed the autonomous Bougainville government which has agreed to integrate the programme into the Bougainville health system and expand it to cover the other districts.


  • One Woman's Dream and New Zealand's Support

    One Woman's Dream and New Zealand's Support

    The love of her people and the support from New Zealanders like you is what took one woman's vision and made it into what is today a community-based primary health programme covering 95% of the Bougainville population.
  • Bougainville Healthy Communities Programme

    Bougainville Healthy Communities Programme

    The project is helping to establish health care programmes in local communities so that families can take responsibility for their own health and wellbeing.
  • Village Health Volunteer

    Village Health Volunteer

    village health volunteers are trained to diagnose and find help for diseases that threaten lives, including leprosy, malaria, TB, typhoid, and cholera.
  • Cured by you

    Cured by you

    It is one of the most remote places on earth. However, with your wonderful support, many people in Bougainville are completely cured from leprosy.