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Every $1 you donate becomes $5!

Oswald is just 5 years old but already leprosy threatens his future. 

Oswald already had patches on his body and face, thickened earlobes and an ulcer on his right foot. 

To be showing symptoms of leprosy so young is a very bad sign. it is only a matter of time before more ulcers threaten his mobility, and the opportunity to start school, which he is very much looking forward to. 

Your support today can help:

  • ensure children like Oswald receive the medicine they need to cure their leprosy once and for all.
  • train village health volunteers to go out into communities and diagnose children under threat from leprosy, like Oswald. 
  • support leprosy-affected families to learn a trade or start a small business, and raise their family out of the poverty that is making them vulnerable to this terrible disease. 

Your gift will be multiplied FIVE times.

Together we can cure and protect Oswald - and others like him - from the threat of this terrible disease. 

Every $1 you donate becomes $5!

Through the ‘Sustainable Livelihoods Project’ and the ‘Bougainville Healthy Communities Project’, The New Zealand Aid Programme* is matching our fundraising with $4 per $1 that is donated.

*New Zealand Government’s official aid for developing countries.