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Annual Appeal - cure children of leprosy in PNG

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Annual Appeal - cure children of leprosy in PNG

Heizen is just 12 years old but he is already living with the burden of leprosy.

“My friends made fun of me… I felt so ashamed I could not go back to school and face them again.”  Says Heizen, wiping away his tears.

Your support today can help:

  • ensure children like Heizen receive the cure they so desperately need, to stop leprosy in its tracks once and for all.
  • recruit and train local volunteer Community Facilitators - to provide children like Heizen with the essential care and support they need to overcome leprosy.
  • ensure families like Heizen and his mother are given the livelihoods training and opportunities for income generating activities they need to lift themselves out of poverty and build a better future for their family.

Heizen has swollen nodes on his ears and elbows. One of his elbows is already numb, and his left hand has started to claw from nerve damage.

It makes him weak, unable to grip things, and his elbow often aches.

Worse still, Heizen’s leprosy has prevented him from going to school. He used to love writing and playing touch rugby, but now he finds it too difficult, as his hand and arm are simply not strong enough.

Today your gift will help to cure children in PNG like Heizen.

Together we can cure and protect Heizen - and others like him – and ensure his life is free from the shadow of leprosy forever.