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Annual Appeal - Cure children of leprosy in PNG

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Annual Appeal - Cure children of leprosy in PNG

Your gift will be multiplied 5X today. 

The world is consumed with a new virus, but the ancient illness still threatens the world's most vulnerable people, people like Aimy. 

"Mummy, I want to take my tablets," are her first words she speaks when she wakes up in the morning. 

Your vital support today will be multiplied FIVE TIMES: 

  • Five times the power to find and cure children like Aimy 
  • Five times the impact through clinics and the work of volunteers like Aimy's mother - to provide children like Aimy with the essential care and support they need to overcome leprosy 
  • Five times the life-changing difference for people who desperately need better health, nutrition and livelihoods to keep their children safe from leprosy 

Aimy lives in a settlement near PNG's capital, Port Moresby. Such poverty there, but Aimy's family have the richness of knowing Jesus. In the midst of her need, Aimy has such a joyful heart. 

Respected volunteers like Aimy's mother are trained to help people recognise the first signs of leprosy and get them medication. (People in great poverty often cannot afford to take time from work and take a bus to a clinic to get medication.)

For Aimy, the first sign of the disease was a patch that appeared on her leg. She will always have that tell-tale patch of numb skin. 

Aimy was taken to a clinic and she began taking the tablets that fought back the leprosy bacteria. What a blessing that through the help of the Leprosy Mission, her patch is confined to that one area. 

"Mummy, I want to take my tablets," are Aimy's first words she speaks when she wakes up in the morning. This little girl has been so committed to being cured. 

This great work among our leprosy-threatened Pacific neighbours would be impossible without help like yours. 

Donate today. Your kindness will be multiplied FIVE TIMES* to stop leprosy spreading in PNG.

*Through the 'Sustainable Livelihoods Development Programme' in PNG, the New Zealand Aid Programme (New Zealand Government's official aid for developing countries) has committed to matching our fundraising with $4 for every $1 that is donated - up to $185,000!