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Anandaban Hospital Desperately Needs Your Help Today

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Anandaban Hospital Desperately Needs Your Help Today

In response to Covid-19, 

  • Anandaban Hospital has established an Isolation ward and personal protective equipment (PPE) is needed to protect hospital staff as they face the threat of coronavirus in Nepal.
  • Patients and people affected by leprosy living on the grounds of the Hospital urgently need ongoing provision of sanitizer, masks and disinfecting soap and as well as accurate information to keep them safe from COVID19.
  • All outreach clinics into communities to help spot the first signs of leprosy have been stopped. But they need to be ready to be deployed as soon as they are able, to provide the cure and support to vulnerable people.
  • Everything must be done to ensure that the cure for leprosy remains available. This includes issuing extra medication to patients when clinics can’t run.

Today, leprosy hospitals like Anandaban are being faced with impossible decisions: how to keep staff and patients safe from the virus while still providing the vital care so desperately needed for people like Saraswati.

Your support today can:

  • provide personal protective equipment to Anandaban Hospital medical staff and teams so they are protected from the threat of coronavirus. 

  • help provide sanitizer, masks and disinfecting soap as well as information about COVID19 to vulnerable people like Sarasawati in the local catchment area of Anandaban Hospital.

  • help the team prepare to act fast once the crisis is over – to get out in the field and spot the first signs of leprosy in people like Saraswati, so they can treat the disease before it causes permanent disability and a life of isolation.

Many people affected by leprosy have known complete isolation for years. Isolation driven by fear, hatred and stigma. Now, with weakened immune systems and other underlying health conditions, many face the terrifying prospect of coronavirus too.

In countries like Nepal where few people have access to technology, healthcare or even food; where medical equipment is much harder to come by.

People are terrified. Like Saraswati, a 19 year old girl in Anandaban Hospital. She first developed leprosy as a child, then the patches on her leg were so bad she could hardly walk. She was forced to drop out of school, she kept her leprosy a secret, even from some of her own family members. Anandaban Hospital became a safe place for her, somewhere she is welcome and loved. Somewhere she can receive all the help she needs to defeat her leprosy.

Your gift today can ensure Saraswati - and others like her – are safe and protected from coronavirus and continue to receive the medical help they desperately need.