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$1 becomes $3 for children in Bangladesh!

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$1 becomes $3 for children in Bangladesh!

Your gift will be multiplied 3x to help children like Rabiul.

Leprosy has taken his childhood, his hope and could take his whole future.

You can help transform Rabiul’s life today. Your gift today could support:

- life-changing physiotherapy to ease the clawing in his hands.

reconstructive hand surgery so Rabiul can hold a pen and learn at school again.

- a local self-help group where Rabiul’s mother can learn new skills and set up a small business to provide for her son and give him hope for his future.

Your gift will be multiplied three times.

Through the ‘Chittagong People-led Development Project’, The New Zealand Aid Programme* is matching our fundraising with $2 per $1 that is donated.


*New Zealand Government’s official aid for developing countries.