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You have the power to defeat leprosy in Indonesia - forever

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You have the power to defeat leprosy in Indonesia - forever

Indonesia ranks number three in the world after India and Brazil with the highest number of new cases of leprosy. And it is saddening that the face of many of these new cases are children. 

The opportunity arose to reach out to Indonesia, and after prayerful consideration, the Leprosy Mission New Zealand entered into a funding partnership with Netherlands Leprosy Relief in a project that will help end leprosy in Indonesia. 

You can help stop needless suffering.

Your gift today has the power to change a child's life and the future of the next generation in Indonesia. 

The Indonesia project has a strong partnership with the local health department thus allowing your gift to be used immediately on the ground. 

Your wonderful gift could: 

  • help find children and families affected by leprosy in Indonesia and give them access to the cure. 
  • help our project staff to train doctors and nurses in health centres to identify leprosy cases enabling children to be fully cured before they face a lifetime of disability. 
  • ensure the contact tracing and preventative treatment is provided, enabling us to work towards Zero Transmission of leprosy. 

Your support of the Indonesia project will bring us one step closer to a world without leprosy. 

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