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Hospital Heroes Need Your Help Today

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Hospital Heroes Need Your Help Today

Right now the Leprosy Mission's Hospital teams in places like Nepal and India are faced with impossible decisions: how to keep staff and patients safe from the coronavirus, while still providing vital care so desperately needed for people affected by leprosy.

With your help, the Leprosy Mission's Hospital Heroes around the world can continue to face the front lines with courage and carry your love to those who need it the most, people like Santosh.

We don't use the term Hospital Heroes lightly. Dr Indra and his team really do go above and beyond. Again and again. They worked continually for six months after the earthquakes in 2015. Five years later, facing another crisis, this staff team continue to work long hours, still cherishing people like Santosh. 

Your support today can:

  • Provide personal protective equipment for medical staff and teams so they are protected from the threat of coronavirus. 
  • Provide a day in hospital and medical care for someone like Santosh.
  • Help Dr Indra and his team carry out life-saving operations, and give someone like Santosh prosthetic limbs. 

In the places our medical teams work, coronavirus cases continue to rise and lockdowns are extended but leprosy does not wait, it continues to attck young lives. Your gift today will mean the difference between life and death for someone like Santosh. The difference between hope and despair. 

Please take a few minutes to watch this video about Hospital Heroes around the world.